Google Maps just proved how radically pro-abortion they are after taking this disgusting action

Photo by Ingo Joseph from Pexels

Big tech has become just one more weapon in the pro-abortion arsenal of death.

And Big Tech’s billionaire CEOs will seemingly take any action to support the murder of innocent babies.

Now Google just proved how radically pro-abortion they are after Google Maps took this disgusting action.

Google Maps recently removed directions to a Washington, D.C., pro-life pregnancy center and replaced them with options that included a Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

Replacing life with death

According to The Daily Signal Google Map users who tried to search for the Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center on either their iPhone or desktop found that Google Maps no longer offered directions to the location. 

And to make it even worse, Google Maps instead suggested two different locations for searchers.

At least the first was a pro-life pregnancy center although it was across the river in Maryland.

But the second option was a far cry from a pro-life pregnancy center.

In fact it was the Planned Parenthood – Carol Whitehill Moses Center, an abortion mill.

As reported by The Daily Signal

“The Daily Signal reached out to Google on Monday around 11 a.m. after confirming that Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center could not be found on Google Maps (though it could be found on Apple Maps). Shortly afterward, the pregnancy center’s location became available on Google Maps.”

“Google confirmed to The Daily Signal that the pregnancy center’s location had, in fact, been removed.”

Google Maps claims it’s just a simple mistake 

“This listing was incorrectly removed and we have since reinstated it,” a Google Maps spokeswoman told The Daily Signal. “We use many sources to keep Maps updated, including feedback from our community, information from businesses, and imagery. When we find inaccuracies, we correct them as quickly as possible.”

Janet During, Director of the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center told The Daily Signal that she wants to believe this incident was truthfully an accident.

“But when you think of all the past things that have taken place affecting the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in a negative way,” she said, “I can’t help but wonder if this was on purpose.”

“It comes back to totally misunderstanding the extensive services that we offer women in crisis pregnancies,” she continued. “The fact that, yes, we offer pregnancy testing and we offer options, education, but we also go way beyond this with walking with them for months, if not sometimes years, and helping them with their child with material resources, emotional resources, and spiritual support.”

Not Google’s first go round

Of course, this is not the first time Google has been caught in pro-abortion bias.

The Big Tech monolith has repeatedly been accused of censoring pro-life viewpoints and content across their many platforms.

In fact, YouTube, which is owned by Google, automatically flags all abortion-related content with a very one-sided decidedly pro-abortion description.

And in the past pro-life ads have been rejected by Google and pro-life content has been hidden.

We truly live in a dystopian Orwellian world, and babies are dying because of it.

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