GOP consultant class now urging Republican candidates to completely sell out on this critical issue

Lars Di Scenza, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Republicans never seem to learn from their mistakes.

It’s not uncommon for members of the GOP to compromise on issues to win votes.

And now the GOP consultant class is urging Republican candidates to completely sell out on this critical issue.

The Republican base is overwhelmingly pro-life, yet some in the GOP think kneeling to the pro-abortion lobby is the way to win.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

A recent ruling by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that federal regulations do not require emergency rooms to perform life-saving abortions if doing so would violate state law was yet another victory for the pro-life movement.

And while it has fired up Democrats on the issue of abortion, some Republicans are decrying the ruling, just like they have every victory for life.

It’s no secret Democrat strategists see the killing of millions of preborn babies as a winning issue, for too many GOP elites the abortion issue is up for negotiation and one they want candidates to sell out on.

They fail to see that by doing so they are throwing away their best chance for victory by ignoring their pro-life base.

And these consultant class elitists are wringing their hands over another expected ruling from the Supreme Court on restricting the availability of chemical abortion pills.

There are also other high-profile abortion-related cases in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia.

As the pro-life court victories pile up, Republicans are scrambling to try and find “common ground” on abortion policy.

That means they are looking at more ways to compromise on the murder of children.

And the GOP base is becoming increasingly concerned, and increasingly likely to stay home on election day, as they did in the disastrous 2023 Virginia elections.

Consultant class urging GOP candidates to oppose pro-life legislation

Some Senate Republican strategists are even claiming GOP candidates can “insulate themselves from attacks by clearly stating their opposition to implementing a nationwide abortion ban.”

“The [National Republican Senatorial Committee] is encouraging Republicans to clearly state their opposition to a national abortion ban and their support for reasonable limits on late-term abortions when babies can feel pain with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother,” said a source familiar with the misguided strategy.

They clearly do not understand that this policy will instead lose them their strongest base of support – pro-life activists.

For example, in the 2023 state elections in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia, Republican candidates who ran as 100% pro-life were overwhelmingly victorious while those who tried to “compromise” on the issue went down in flames.

Nowhere was this more clear than in Virginia, where RINO Governor Glenn Youngkin made selling out on abortion the cornerstone of his election strategy.

The GOP in Virginia suffered a stunning defeat, losing both houses of the legislature as pro-life voters, turned off by Youngkin’s pro-abortion strategy, stayed home. 

They would be better served, and more successful if they followed the leadership of Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) who said, “Look, I’m going to be unabashedly pro-life and pro-baby.”

That is the clear path to victory.

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