GOP establishment thinks this socialist country is too conservative on abortion

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With the fall of Roe v. Wade in 2022, the American people are getting a clear view of just how “pro-life” many Republicans really are.

With courts out of the way, states can finally take action to protect innocent life — if they want to.

But with the latest moves by this rising star within the Republican Party, it looks like the GOP establishment thinks this socialist country is too conservative on abortion!

After winning Virginia’s Governorship in 2021 — in a state President Biden won by 10% — Governor Glenn Youngkin is considered by many to be a rising star.

As he is admittingly a talented politician, some deep-pocketed GOP establishment types have even floated the idea of a last-minute run for President in 2024 — or a possible run in 2028.

But any future Governor Glenn Youngkin hopes to have could be crushed if doesn’t change his position and start leading the fight to protect life.

The fact is, under Glenn Youngkin’s leadership, Virginia Republicans are refusing to even try to stop any abortion that takes place before 15 weeks of a pregnancy.

That position that Virginia Republicans have adopted — and many other establishment GOP types across the nation support — is actually to the left of France!

Making murder a constitutional right in France

In fact, the President of France Emmanuel Macron recently announced his intentions to enshrine early abortions in the country’s Constitution.

Abortion was decriminalized in France in 1975 though the deadly procedure has gestational limits — at 14 weeks.

This 14-week limit was only recently increased from 12 weeks in February.

In other words, with their 15-week position, Virginia Republicans and establishment voices across the country don’t even want the United States to be as conservative as France on abortion policy.

That makes it similar to other countries in Europe, and more restrictive than some so-called pro-life laws in the U.S.

And it means that so-called “pro-life” politicians in the U.S. who push a 15-week ban are actually not pro-life at all.

15-week bans are a pro-abortion position

In fact, since more than 93% of all abortions occur before the 12th week, a 15-week ban is arguably a pro-abortion position for several reasons.

First, it totally removes the moral component of supporting life. After all, if a preborn baby is a human life, then why is it ok to kill one at 14 weeks but not 15?

Second, these laws largely depend on abortionists not to break the law and kill babies past 15 weeks of gestation. So we’re asking people who kill other human beings for a living to police themselves?

Third, these toothless bills usually have “exceptions,” where abortionists simply ask women to claim they were raped whether or not it’s true. If the mother makes this claim, the abortion can be committed at any stage.

In other words, a 15-week ban largely does nothing — except for deflate the pro-life base.

That, apparently, is exactly what the GOP establishment wants because they believe pro-lifers are problems they need to get rid of.

They want pro-lifers’ votes.

They just want to do as little as possible to get it.

Sadly, if Governor Youngkin and Virginia Republicans ride to victory this November, establishment GOP donors nationwide will start urging other Republicans to start “softening” their position on abortion, as well.

But the truth is, if Virginia Republicans are swept into power, it won’t be because the GOP base wants more milquetoast RINOs.

It will because voters in the Old Dominion are sick and tired of President Joe Biden and the GOP base turns out in opposition to our current President.

If Governor Youngkin ever does try to run for future office without really delivering for the pro-life movement, he’ll learn that lesson the hard way.

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