GOP lawmakers in this blue state are trying to remove the Pro-Life issue from the party’s platform

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Republican leaders have a long history of turning against their own base.

And they seemingly never learn that this behavior is what causes their continued failure to take, and keep, political power.

Now GOP lawmakers in this Blue State are trying to remove the Pro-Life issue from the party’s platform.

Republicans in California are planning to remove opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage from the state’s official party platform, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

A boneheaded attempt to appease the Left

According to reports, the GOP is taking this action to attempt to “to resonate with voters.”

In other words, they are willing to throw away a large part of their base vote in a boneheaded attempt to appease the radical Left.

And unless Pro-Life and pro-family conservatives stop voting for GOP candidates under the theory that good conservatives must vote for the lesser of two evils, the GOP bosses will continue to spit in their face.

The fact is, no Pro-Life voter is EVER obligated to support a pro-abortion candidate, no matter what letter is behind their name.

The proposal to change the party platform was adopted by a party committee late last month and may be voted on at the state GOP’s fall convention in Anaheim. 

While the changes state continued support of “traditional family values” and a “strong and healthy family unit,” the new language does not include language that asserts “it is important to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.” 

More concerning is the fact that the draft proposal does not include opposition to a federally protected right to abortion as it has in the past.

The last thing the party needs

Jessica Levinson, an election law professor at Loyola Law School, told the Times, “It’s a seismic shift but it’s a shift born out of practical necessity. Look at what’s happening not just in California but in much more conservative states, realizing antiabortion, anti-same-sex marriage stances are no longer tenable. I think it shows their acknowledgment that the sand has shifted underneath their feet.”

But Jon Fleischman, a former California GOP executive director, told the Times that the proposal is “the last thing the party needs.” 

Fleischman added, “This will be extremely controversial and will take a convention that is supposed to be about unifying the party and instead it ends up becoming a big feud.” 

He also pointed out the proposal is “a big middle finger” to the presidential candidates who will speak at the upcoming convention, “all of whom embrace the various party planks that are proposed for removal.”

Charles Moran, a Los Angeles County GOP delegate, who was part of the committee that drafted the new language, told the Times it’s meant “to give our California Republican candidates a fighting chance.”

“We need a party platform that empowers our candidates, not one that serves as an albatross around their neck,” Moran said.

Moran, like many GOP leaders, just doesn’t get it.

By taking this action the California GOP is signaling it is willing to ignore the issues that the majority of its base supports.

This is a clear recipe for disaster.

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