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Republicans suffered losses last week in the state elections held in Virginia and Kentucky.

Ohioans also voted to enshrine the right to an abortion without exceptions into the state Constitution.

And now GOP operatives are hoping this will be the final nail in the Pro-Life movement’s coffin.

The Republican establishment wasted no time blaming the GOP losses last week in Virginia and Kentucky on the Pro-Life community.

And the left-wing media is all too willing to help push this phony narrative in order to promote the radical abortion agenda.

“In Ohio, the state constitutional amendment to enshrine abortion rights won by double digits, a year after Republicans swept the statewide offices that were up in the midterm elections,” NBC News wrote. “In Kentucky, Democratic Governor Andy Beshear won re-election after having made support of abortion rights a key message of his campaign in the deep red state,” NBC continued. “And in Virginia, Democrats kept their majority in the state Senate and flipped the state House — a substantive rebuke of Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who’d put a 15-week abortion ban at the center of his campaign to help the GOP win full control of government in what has become a blue-leaning state over the last decade.”

The RINO establishment is parroting the left-wing media’s narrative about last week’s elections and are trying to silence the Pro-Life message in the 2024 election.

According to a source familiar with the National Republican Senatorial Committee strategy, the group “is encouraging Republicans to clearly state their opposition to a national abortion ban and their support for reasonable limits on late-term abortions when babies can feel pain with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.”

“They are encouraging candidates to contrast that position with Democrats’ support for taxpayer-funded abortion without limits,” the source added.

This includes during campaign speeches and in their TV ads.

Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) is also on board with forcing Republicans into compromising on abortion. 

During an appearance on Fox News, SLF President Steven Law complained about how Democrats attacked Republicans with “unrelenting advertising” about the GOP “supporting no abortion access whatsoever.”

“And there wasn’t a lot of response on the airwaves pushing back on that,” Law said. “It’s something that you have to dig into,” he continued. “You have to say where you are and why you stand for it, and that didn’t happen enough to be able to turn back those attacks.”

The GOP establishment claims that the phrase “Pro-Life” carries a negative image with voters and they want Republicans to quit using it on the campaign trail.

“‘Pro-Life’ is perceived as support for a flat ban on abortion without any exceptions, the most restrictive anti-abortion position,” Axis Research President Brenda Gianiny wrote in a memo that was recirculated by Republican operatives.

SLF commissioned the Axis Research survey to help them try and convince Republicans to run away from the Pro-Life issue.

“Considering this shift, it is critically important for U.S. Senators to clearly communicate their position on abortion,” Gianiny wrote. “Simply stating that an elected official is ‘Pro-Life’ will result in a distorted impression, and that official may be viewed as extreme.”

The GOP establishment is desperate to kick Pro-Life conservatives out of the Republican Party.

They’re quick to blame any Republican losses on the abortion issue.

That’s why Pro-Life Americans must refuse to be silenced and continue standing up for the life of the unborn.

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