Heartwarming story of former Planned Parenthood worker is sure to bring a tear to your eye

Some days you’re hard-pressed to find an uplifting story in your newsfeed.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

And this heartwarming story of a former Planned Parenthood worker is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the remarkable transformation of Matt Lorens.

Lorens once toiled within the walls of Planned Parenthood but now dedicates his life to spreading the beauty of the faith through art.

His story is one that provides hope in the face of grave injustices against life and serves as proof that good can prevail. . .

For years, Lorens grappled with the ethical dilemma of working at Planned Parenthood while holding firm to his pro-life beliefs. 

It wasn’t until a profound moment of clarity, sparked by the birth of his son Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy, that Lorens realized the incongruity of his situation. 

In the face of suggestions to abort his son due to disability, Lorens reaffirmed his belief in the sanctity of life, recognizing his son as a divine gift.

Driven by a newfound conviction, Lorens made the courageous decision to depart from Planned Parenthood, relinquishing financial security to pursue a path aligned with his faith. 

Thus, Traditio Designs was born—a venture dedicated to crafting exquisite Catholic art that serves as a beacon of spiritual inspiration for believers worldwide.

“I wanted to evangelize the world through the beauty of Catholic art,” Lorens proclaimed to the National Catholic Register, pouring his heart and soul into each creation, from handmade rosaries to intricately designed holy cards adorned with prayers of devotion.

But Lorens’ journey didn’t end with the establishment of Traditio Designs. 

A devastating house fire in 2017 served as a catalyst for deeper introspection, prompting Lorens to heed what he perceived as a divine calling to fully immerse himself in Catholic artwork. 

From the ashes of tragedy emerged a renewed sense of purpose, propelling Lorens to expand his artistic repertoire and reach new heights of creative expression.

Today, Lorens’ creations grace homes and altars across the globe, captivating hearts with their ethereal beauty and profound spirituality. 

His commitment to preserving the Catholic faith is evident in every meticulously crafted piece, from images of angels to prayer cards commemorating sacred devotions.

But Lorens’ vision extends beyond mere artistic expression. 

With a steadfast dedication to the pro-life cause, he endeavors to infuse his artwork with a deeper meaning, incorporating prayers that champion the sanctity of life and promote a culture of reverence for the unborn.

As he continues to innovate and expand his offerings, Lorens remains unwavering in his faith, drawing strength from his daily prayers and unwavering trust in divine providence. 

For him, every brushstroke and prayerful invocation is an act of devotion—a testament to his unwavering commitment to glorify God and save souls.

From the halls of Planned Parenthood to the sanctuaries of the homes of faith-filled families, Matt Lorens’ journey serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of faith and the boundless potential for redemption. 

As his art continues to touch hearts and minds around the world, Lorens stands as a shining example of the triumph of faith over adversity and the enduring power of God’s grace.

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