Here’s how a 5-year-old girl and her lemonade stand are saving unborn babies

Photo by Rod Long from Unsplash

Even though she was only 5-years-old, Ainsley wanted to protect unborn babies.

And to her parents’ amazement, she came up with the most incredible idea.

But nothing prepared the family for how far Ainsley’s lemonade stand would reach to save unborn babies – and their story will bring tears to your eyes. 

The Pro-Life Family doing their part

The White family volunteered at Wise Choices Pregnancy Center in Texas to do their part to save unborn babies.

Berry White is an attorney on the Board of Directors, and his wife Lee, a nurse, volunteers at the center.

But their five-year-old daughter wanted to do her part to help unborn babies too.

So she approached her parents with the idea to have a lemonade stand to raise support. 

Ainsley – The 5-Year-Old Pro-Life Hero 

The family decided to have the stand at their local Fourth of July Festival.

Connie Coleman was the former CEO of Wise Choices and she recalled how amazed she was at Ainsley’s hard work to make it happen.

Ainsley was determined to do whatever she could to make the lemonade stand a success.

Coleman said “They had marketing flyers, a budget for expenses, the details and hours of the lemonade stand, and brought it all to the center to present to me. Ainsley was very excited,” Pregnancy Help News reported.  

“Yes, at age five, almost six, she created it. We shook on the deal. And that sweet child worked her little tail off all day long at the Fourth of July celebration in her town. She missed participating in the parade, the jump houses, all the excitement to stay and work her stand,” Coleman continued.

As it turns out – Ainsley’s hard work paid off – and she raised $1,310 for the center!

But she didn’t stop there. 

Thousands raised to save babies 

Ainsley continued to have her lemonade stand each year, and to date she’s raised over $14,000 to help the crisis pregnancy center.


Those purchasing lemonade can donate however much they want – some give $20 – and some even give $200.

Current Wise Choices CEO Brandie Hayden is absolutely blown away by the heart of  little Ainsley to help the unborn. 

“She gives so selflessly and mans that lemonade stand while all her friends are off having fun at the Fourth of July event,” Hayden said.

She continued “The amount of money she’s brought in is quite amazing…over $14,000 now…but it’s also free advertising for us. There are people who live in our community who didn’t know anything about us,” Pregnancy Help News reported. 

Ainsley is a shining example of each person doing their part to help save unborn babies.

If a 5-year-old girl can do it – anyone can.

Cheers to sweet Ainsley and may her hard work continue to save countless unborn babies.

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