High school students were forced to sit through an unthinkable presentation that will make your blood boil

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Leftists are always looking for new ways to corrupt young minds and brainwash them to support their radical agenda.

But in one high school – they took things too far.

And once you learn about the unthinkable presentation high school students were forced to sit through it will make your blood boil.

Woke staff teach teens about “oppression and privilege”

At a Missouri high school, 10th graders were forced to sit through a woke presentation teaching them about “oppression and privilege”.

Two school employees – counselor Cassie Aschinger and social worker Anne Gibbs forced teens to watch a presentation titled “Being an Ally” which taught teens about the different ways they could be “oppressed” including gender and sexual orientation, reported The Daily Caller.

After brainwashing impressionable teens, the school employees uploaded the video to their online learning platform.

Aschinger told the young teens “Being an ally means using your privilege to help support people who are facing oppression that you might not experience yourself.”

Gibbs added “As you learn about your privilege as a non-oppressed person, try to be honest with yourself about how that privilege has affected your life and who you are.”

Sneaking in pro-abortion propaganda

At the end of the slideshow, a barcode linked to a Planned Parenthood affiliate called “Teen Health Source” directing teens to use them as a resource.

Teen Health Source claims they are a “sexual health information service run for and by youth”.

The grotesque pro-abortion group links abortion clinics and even suggests “transgender care” recommending clinics that offer hormone drugs and surgeries.

One mom sounded the alarm

Parents had no idea what their children were being taught until they viewed the video online – and they were horrified.

After viewing the horrifying video – one brave mom leaked the video to The Daily Signal to expose what was happening at her child’s school.

“The district knows that many parents disapprove and continues to push these lessons anyway,” the irate mom said.

But the school district doesn’t care about parents – they only care about promoting their own sick agenda.

The Daily Signal received an email from the anonymous mother of a sophomore which said “Linking students to any website that publishes articles about gender identity, sexual pleasure, ‘porn literacy,’ and abortion should not occur without notifying parents.”

She continued “They are sneaking in sexual education when some families may have opted out.”

Fighting for the lives of our children

The abortion lobby has no problem teaming up with woke leftists to ram through their radical agenda.

They know the only way they can succeed is if they get impressionable young teens and kids to accept their woke narrative.

Parents are viewed as a threat, so the pro-abort crowd continues to sneak in new ways to keep them in the dark as to what is really happening.

Now more than ever, parents of young kids must be vigilant as to what their children are being taught and exposed to.

Because if the left has their way – children will continue to be led astray while parents are left in the dark.

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