Hillary Clinton praised Melinda Gates for pledging billions of dollars to fund the unthinkable

Bill and Hillary Clinton have a history of surrounding themselves with shady people. 

And when leftists carry out the Clinton agenda – Hillary turns giddy. 

But now Hillary is praising Melinda Gates for pledging billions of dollars to fund the unthinkable. 

Two of the most radical leftists

Bill and Melinda Gates are part of the ultra-wealthy elite who proudly use their resources to carry out a dark anti-life agenda.

Although they are no longer married, the two liberals love pledging money to causes they deem “just.”

And in Melinda’s eyes – that includes funding the slaughter of unborn babies.

As Pro-Life Press previously reported, Melinda is the 10th richest woman in America . . .

. . . and she just pledged $1 billion to arm the abortion lobby with resources to influence the election.

And cheering her on from the sidelines is none other than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s bias against unborn girl babies

Hillary Clinton insists she is “pro-woman” . . . 

. . . but apparently Clinton thinks unborn baby females don’t deserve a chance at life.

One can’t claim to be “pro-woman” while advocating woman kill their own babies.

Abortion is not empowering.

It doesn’t make a woman “strong” to get an abortion.

But Hillary ignores the double standard and continues to celebrate abortion and those who fund it. 

And once Hillary learned Melinda Gates was donating billions of dollars to fund the Abortion Lobby’s war chest – she could not hold in her excitement.

Melinda posted on X a signed letter about her resignation as co-chair from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

At the end of her letter, Melinda added “This is a critical moment for women and girls in the U.S. and around the world – and those fighting to protect and advance equality are in urgent need of support. Under the terms of my agreement with Bill, in leaving the foundation, I will have an additional $12.5 billion to commit to my work on behalf of women and families.”

In other words – Melinda is taking $12.5 billion and giving it to the abortion lobby to fund abortion.

Disgusting, but right in line with how Bill and Melinda Gates operate.

Not even an hour after Melinda posted her plan on X, Hillary immediately replied and wrote “Melinda, this is so exciting. Thanks for everything you’ve already done, and I can’t wait to see all you do next. Onward!”


Leave it to Hillary to celebrate billions of dollars dedicated to ending the lives of unborn babies.

Hillary is still bitter she lost to Donald Trump.

In fact, she cannot stand it.

She hates Trump, and everything he stands for.

But despite what New York leftists like Clinton think is “best” for America . . . 

. . . the American people are going to send a loud and clear message at the ballot box on Election Day that Donald Trump is the clear choice to lead America forward. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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