Horrifying details of a baby born alive through a botched abortion will leave you steaming mad

Photo by Bayu Prakosa from Pexels

One pregnant mom tried to kill her baby – but she failed.

She was roughly 23 weeks pregnant and went into labor, delivering a sweet baby girl.

But what the hospital did with the baby after she was born will leave you furious and steaming mad. 

A precious baby – left alone to die 

An emergency medicine resident wrote an anonymous letter to Live Action to reveal the shocking details of the tragic event.

After the pregnant woman gave birth to a healthy baby who survived a botched abortion – the hospital staff was stunned.

They had expected the baby to immediately die, but the baby was alive and crying.

The anonymous emergency resident recalled finding the baby alone in a bassinet – and when she inquired about the status of the baby – the attending doctor uttered the unthinkable.

“Palliative care is medical care”

Surely, one would think the medical staff would do everything to save this baby who was born prematurely and needed extra care.

But they didn’t.

The attending OB/GYN doctor was apparently anti-life and criticized Pro-Life states and their Pro-Life laws.

“She claimed that ‘palliative care is medical care’ based on the law — and when the baby was born alive, she did nothing. She did not call pediatrics or a rapid response but stated the baby was an abortion attempt and unwanted, so she would provide palliative care to satisfy the law that requires medical care to be provided,” the emergency medicine resident told Live Action News. 

How absolutely heartbreaking! 

An innocent baby needs help – and the only ones who could save its life left it to die.

The nurses nicknamed her “dead baby”

The Pro-Life emergency medicine resident continued to describe the horrific ordeal – stating how she was forbidden to pick up the baby and hold it.

“I picked up the baby and was berated by one of the residents, who instructed me to ‘put it back’ because the nurses need to keep checking on it to document when it dies,” the anonymous resident told Live Action News.

She continued “I declined, and sat there crying for the remainder of the subsequent sign-out and shift. I was helpless and there was nothing I could do. She had already been alive at that point a few hours, but without respiratory support, I knew she already was experiencing organ failure.”

The resident said she gave the baby a name – Ada, which means “adornment.” 

She cried and prayed over the baby, and even said she would have adopted the baby if it had survived.

But sadly, a few hours later, the baby was pronounced dead.

The cruelty of abortion advocates who hate life is evil to the core.

To leave a living baby to die – just because the baby’s mother wanted an abortion is unconscionable.

But this type of thing will continue to happen all over the country if Biden and his anti-life cronies get their way.

Hopefully sweet Ada’s story will sound the alarm of what can happen if laws are not strictly enforced to protect innocent life.

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