Hospital made a grave error in a “transgender” surgery that resulted in a devastating loss of life

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A biological woman decided she wanted to become a man.

But she was already pregnant.

And the doctors in charge of her “transgender” surgery made a grave error that resulted in a devastating loss of life.

Hospital performs hysterectomy without a pregnancy test

Whenever a woman goes to the hospital for any surgery or test – a standard question is, “Is there a chance you could be pregnant?”

Many hospitals even insist on administering a pregnancy test regardless of the woman’s answer, and make her sign a waiver if she refuses.

But an Australian hospital did just the opposite.

A pregnant mom decided she wanted to become a man – which is tragic enough.

Even more alarming, her doctors never gave her a pregnancy test before they started hacking her body apart. 

Instead, they performed a hysterectomy to mutilate this woman’s body in her pursuit of becoming a man.

And it was at that point they discovered she was four months pregnant. 

The biological female blames the hospital

Even more bizarre, the woman who goes by “Jesse” was angry at the hospital for not making her take a pregnancy test. 

“Jesse” claimed she was “unaware” that she was pregnant and called the killing of her unborn baby “hospital negligence” saying the hospital was to blame.

Even crazier – although “Jesse” “identifies as a man” – she is already married and has six children she carried and gave birth to.

Completely bizarre.

As tragic as the loss of life is – things like this can happen when people insist on having surgeries and doing things that go against science.

If “Jesse” never “decided to become a man” and rip out her uterus – or at least informed the doctor’s that she’s sexually active therefore could be pregnant – this would have never happened.

During an interview with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, Mitchell asked “Jesse” if she had known if she was pregnant whether or not she would have had the baby.

 “Jesse” who claims to be “pro-choice” for others replied “I would have chosen myself to keep going along but what I did not know is that I still required the hysterectomy because the placenta was failing and had grown into my c-section scar.”

The tragedy of the “transgender movement”

The LGBT agenda has infiltrated the abortion debate as woke activists convince people they can “choose their own gender.”

Women of child-bearing age are destroying their bodies as they “transition” to a man – forever ruining their ability to have a baby.

Not to mention, the traditional family unit is being ripped apart by LGBT activists who are more than happy to team up with abortion giants like Planned Parenthood to push abortion.

As the battle for life rages on – the abortion industry and LGBT agenda will work in tandem to push abortion anywhere and everywhere.

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