How one small box saved the lives of seventeen babies

Photo by Aditya Romansa from Unsplash

In a heartwarming turn of events, a baby was safely surrendered in an Indiana Safe Haven Baby Box, marking the 17th baby placed in such a box this year. 

This latest surrender, occurring at the EMS Station in Beech Grove, Indiana, is a testament to the effectiveness of this unique and simple initiative that aims to provide a safe haven for infants and mothers in crisis.

The baby box at the EMS Station on Albany Street in Beech Grove has only been operational since September, yet it has already played a crucial role in saving the life of a newborn. 

Reports indicate that the baby, now in good health, was safely surrendered, adding another chapter to the success stories attributed to these temperature-controlled units.

Robert Cheshire, the EMS director, expressed the importance of acknowledging the bravery of the mother who made the difficult decision to give her baby a chance at a new life. 

The baby box, a silent sanctuary for such moments, serves as a beacon of hope for those facing overwhelming circumstances.

The baby box is a temperature-controlled unit strategically placed in staffed facilities, including fire stations and hospitals. 

When a baby is placed inside, the door automatically locks, triggering a silent alarm that swiftly alerts authorities. 

The child is rescued within minutes, undergoing a medical evaluation before being placed for adoption. 

This innovative approach, facilitated by Indiana law, allows parents to surrender their infants up to 30 days old anonymously.

Andrea Finch, a paramedic involved in the rescue, shared her perspective on the event, emphasizing the desire to provide a safe space for parents facing challenging decisions. 

“Whether we got a baby or we didn’t, we just wanted a safe place for mothers, fathers, to put their child,” she explained. 

Finch expressed gratitude for witnessing the baby box perform exactly as intended, underscoring the blessing of being part of such a life-saving initiative.

The Safe Haven Baby Box organization is at the forefront of the initiative, advocating for the placement of these boxes throughout the country. 

Founded by Monica Kelsey, who herself was abandoned as an infant, the organization aims to offer a safe and anonymous way for parents to surrender their infants. 

Kelsey, reflecting on the beauty of families formed through these surrendered babies, sees it as an opportunity to transform tragedy into a blessing.

Amidst the controversy surrounding the use of baby boxes, Indiana law dictates a unique approach. 

Babies surrendered in safe haven boxes are not placed with the Department of Child Services or foster families. 

Instead, these infants are directly entrusted to adoption agencies, working diligently to secure permanent homes for them. 

The child surrendered in the Beech Grove baby box is expected to find a loving home within 30 to 45 days.

Despite the controversy, Indiana remains a leader in this initiative, boasting 104 baby boxes statewide, surpassing any other state. 

As the 17th baby finds a new beginning, the Safe Haven Baby Box offers a lifeline to the most vulnerable among us.

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