Human trafficking survivors revealed the horrifying truth about Planned Parenthood leftists tried to hide

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A shocking confession from human trafficking survivors revealed what Pro-Lifers knew all along.

Planned Parenthood pretends to “protect women” – but nothing could be further from the truth.

And a human trafficking survivor revealed the horrifying truth about Planned Parenthood leftists try to hide.

Sexual predators adore Planned Parenthood

Sexual predators who prey on underage girls love Planned Parenthood.

They know Planned Parenthood is more than willing to perform abortions on minor teens – no questions asked.

Instead of notifying parents and potentially saving the lives of trafficked girls – Planned Parenthood helps human traffickers continue their abuse.

In “The Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking and Their Implications for Identifying Victims in Healthcare Facilities,” researchers discovered almost 30 percent of trafficking survivors had visited a Planned Parenthood affiliate, Live Action News reported.

30 percent!

Since traffickers maintain complete control over their victims and isolate them from their family and friends – many people don’t know what’s going on.

Which is why Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have the chance to save lives – if they’d actually put girls first. 

Welcome to Planned Parenthood – no questions asked 

A trafficking survivor named Laura was young when her abuser took her to Planned Parenthood for birth control and morning-after pills.

She claimed “no one ever asked me anything anytime I went to a clinic,” reported Live Action News

But it’s not just abortion drugs and morning after pills being pushed onto underage girls – Planned Parenthood is more than eager to perform abortions.

Another survivor confessed she was pregnant SIX TIMES while trafficked – and had an abortion all six times.

The survivor stated “At least one of my abortions was from Planned Parenthood because they didn’t ask any questions. […] I had so much scar tissue from these abortions because there was no follow-up and in a couple of cases I had bad infections, so bad that I eventually lost my fallopian tubes and had to have a hysterectomy,” Live Action News reported.

Truly unconscionable.

Where are all the “pro-women” leftists speaking out at the abuse of these underage girls?

One would think if someone is “pro-women” – they should care Planned Parenthood would rather abort babies than save the life of not only a baby, but the woman herself.

But Planned Parenthood doesn’t actually care about women.

They care about aborting babies, and making as much money as they can while doing it.

“He took all his girls there”

Trafficking survivor Ann said her trafficker went with her to Planned Parenthood – and would cozy up to the staff so they liked him.

He apparently brought “all his girls” to Planned Parenthood.

Ann stated “I went to Planned Parenthood. I went there a lot for birth control [to the same clinic]. He [trafficker] took all his girls there. They knew him by ‘Benny,’ but they didn’t know who he was.”

She continued “He just kept saying that they were sisters or friends. He wasn’t like, ‘Oh, this is my girlfriend. This is my girlfriend. This is my girlfriend.’ He would just say, ‘This is my sister. This is my friend. This is my cousin.’ That was how he would be able to get a lot of different people in and not get questioned about it,” reported Live Action News

By “not asking questions” and turning a blind eye, Ann, like many other girls, continued to suffer under the cruel hands of her abuser.

Planned Parenthood may try to hide their dirty deeds by claiming they are required to report even “suspected” child abuse. 

But it’s clear they don’t follow their own policies – and instead choose abortion and pushing their anti-life agenda as their number one priority. 

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