Husband of jailed pro-lifer speaks out and what he has to say will send chills down your spine

Photo by Saad Chaudhry from Unsplash

The attacks on pro-life activists are at an all-time high.

Meanwhile pro-abortion radicals and criminals are allowed to roam free despite their violent actions.

Now, the husband of a jailed pro-lifer is speaking out and what he has to say will send chills down your spine.

In the heart of the pro-life movement stands Christopher Bell, the visionary founder of Good Counsel Homes, a beacon of hope for homeless women choosing life. 

Since its inception in 1985, Good Counsel Homes has been instrumental in supporting over 7,800 women, guiding them from crisis to a brighter future alongside their cherished children. 

Christopher Bell is not alone in this noble crusade; he is wed to Joan Bell, the esteemed “matriarch of pro-life activism.” 

Currently awaiting sentencing for her role in a rescue action at a Washington abortion facility, Joan Bell embodies resilience and dedication.

In an exclusive interview with Live Action News, Christopher Bell shed light on Joan’s incarceration, her unwavering spirit, and the philosophy that propels her activism. 

Despite the challenges, Joan finds solace in prayer and considers this time as an opportunity for reparation—for the sins of the nation and the scourge of abortion. 

Christopher shared, “She sees every rescue effort as a small attempt to save lives, a sacrifice worth making for the chance to turn a mother’s life around.”

Even when immediate success isn’t evident, Joan believes that the mere presence of pro-life activists sends a powerful message. 

Christopher quoted her, saying, “Even if you do not prevent an abortion, the babies who die that day know…that somebody cared enough to give up their freedom to be there. Someone loved enough to sacrifice their time, and energy, and life.”

Reflecting on the current state of the pro-life movement, Christopher emphasized that overturning Roe v. Wade is just the beginning. 

Acknowledging a lack of preparedness for the fierce opposition, he urged the movement to gear up for a more protracted battle. 

He highlighted the broader challenge, stating, “We’re fighting not only against abortion but a whole mentality—a cultural, societal, and governmental mentality—that advocates limiting the human race and restricting births.”

Christopher underscored the need to offer practical help and hope to women facing crisis pregnancies. 

With nearly 300 maternity homes and thousands of pregnancy centers across the United States, he emphasized the movement’s commitment to caring for women in need. 

Christopher urged pro-lifers to communicate the message that healing and hope are available for those who’ve had abortions and to emphasize support rather than condemnation.

To counteract the culture of death effectively, Christopher urged persistence and a focus on the bigger picture. 

While acknowledging potential challenges, he stressed the importance of building a society that values every life. 

He emphasized, “Abortion, in 50 years, has not done anything positive for the nation or for the culture. It’s important that we point out that loving every child, and helping every child, and supporting every mother and every father is going to build a better, more beautiful, healthier, and happier culture.”

For those entering pro-life activism, Christopher Bell offered advice, emphasizing the impact of saving even one life. 

He encouraged activists to exercise their legal and moral rights, engage in sidewalk counseling, and pray. 

For those considering more challenging forms of activism, he stressed spiritual and mental preparation, cautioning against harboring anger and advocating for a deep love that can withstand opposition.

Regarding the incarceration of pro-life activists, including his wife Joan, Christopher urged supporters to pray and align their actions with God’s will. 

He emphasized the need for perseverance, stating, “It’s not so much about getting [rescuers] out [of jail] as focusing more on what we can do to end this holocaust.”

Christopher concluded on a note of hope, emphasizing that good often emerges from evil. 

He expressed confidence that, despite uncertainty, tremendous good would result from the current incarcerations. 

“The whole pro-life movement is about love, non-violence, and sacrificial giving,” he stated, highlighting the transformative power of these principles. 

As more individuals embrace love and non-violence, the pro-life movement is poised to bring about a brighter and more compassionate future.

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