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The mad race to harm minors is growing.

And sadly even parents are getting involved in the destruction of our youth.

This Idaho woman and her son were charged with kidnapping after taking a child across state lines for this deadly procedure.

An Idaho woman and her son have now been charged with kidnapping after they allegedly took the son’s minor girlfriend out of state to get an abortion.

Idaho’s strong pro-life law 

Recently released court documents show Idaho police began investigating the mother and son earlier this summer.

The investigation began after a 15-year-old girl’s mother told authorities her daughter had been sexually assaulted and then taken across state lines to Oregon to have an abortion.

With some exceptions, abortion is banned throughout pregnancy in Idaho. 

Meanwhile abortion remains legal in leftist Oregon, prompting some Idahoans to cross the state border to get the life-taking procedure.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in last year’s Dobbs decision, 14 states, including Idaho, have put strong pro-life laws in place to protect innocent children.

Idaho’s law makes abortion a felony, with only a few exceptions, making it one of the better pro-life laws in place today.

Among the exceptions allowed are to save the mother’s life or in reported cases of incest or rape. 

Additionally, under Idaho’s law, anyone who helps a minor leave the state for an abortion could face jail time.

Under age and under the influence of evil

According to an affidavit, the mother of the girl who was taken into Oregon for the abortion believed her daughter was living with her father, but later found out the teen was staying at her boyfriend’s house in Pocatello, Idaho.

The girl told police she first started having a sexual relationship with her boyfriend when he was 17 and she was 15. 

She said the sexual relationship continued when he turned 18, and that was right around when the girl said she became pregnant.

According to court documents, the girl also said she was “happy” when she found out she was pregnant, but her boyfriend was not.

He even warned her he would not pay for child support and that he would end their relationship if she had the baby.

The boyfriend’s mother also demanded that the girl not tell her parents and threatened to “kick her out of their house” if she did so.

The girl told authorities she then traveled to Bend, Oregon — about 550 miles from Pocatello — with her boyfriend and his mom in May to get an abortion. 

Police used the girl’s cellphone data to confirm that the trio traveled to Oregon around the same time.

The boy’s mother told police she rented the car to go with her son and the girl to Oregon and claimed the abortion was “mutually agreed upon” between the girl and her son. 

She also claimed she never “coerced” anyone into having an abortion.

Charges filed

After the investigation, prosecutors charged both the mother and son with second-degree kidnapping.

The son has also been charged with rape and three counts of producing child sexually exploitative material after authorities said that the boyfriend had made sexually explicit video and photos of the girl.

Prosecutors said the kidnapping charges were brought because the mother and son intended to “keep or conceal” the girl from her parents by transporting “the child out of the state for the purpose of obtaining an abortion.”

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