If Gavin Newsom has it his way the “California Blueprint” will become the new gold standard

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If there was ever a shadow of a doubt about just how rabid California Governor Gavin Newsom is with ramming through abortion . . . 

. . . the recent debate between him and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted the battle between death and life. 

And if Gavin Newsom has his way – the “California blueprint” for abortion will become the new gold standard for America.

Newsom wants babies to die

Gavin Newsom is one of the most pro-abort politicians America has ever seen – and he doesn’t even try to hide it.

Newsom thinks women should be able to kill their babies whenever they want – during any stage of their pregnancy – for any reason.

When debate moderator Sean Hannity asked Newsom about abortion – Newsom seized the opportunity to bash DeSantis’ Pro-Life views.

“Ron DeSantis signed the most extreme anti-abortion bills in America,” said Newsom.

“He signed a bill banning any exceptions for rape and incest, and then he said it didn’t go far enough and decided to sign a six-week ban,” Newsom continued.

Newsom then began speaking to DeSantis directly.

“Before women even know they’re pregnant, Ron, before women can even access a doctor’s appointment. So extreme is your ban that criminalizes women and criminalizes doctors, that even Donald Trump said it was too extreme,” Newsom bellowed. 

DeSantis held the line for life

Of course, DeSantis predicted early on that pro-aborts like Newsom would love to use Trump’s anti-life comments to take down DeSantis.

Donald Trump may have said DeSantis’ Pro-Life law was “too extreme” – but DeSantis has refused to waver on his solid Pro-Life stance.

In speaking about abortion DeSantis said “Well, I believe in a culture of life. I think we’re better off when everybody counts, when everybody has an opportunity to do well, and that bill attaches when there’s a detectable heartbeat for the child.”

He continued “And some states have done that, some states have done others, some states have done later, and obviously they have a right to do that. But I think about one of our Floridians, a lady named Penny Hopper. She actually survived the late-term abortion back in the day, and they left her on the table there to basically wither away. Her grandmother came, saved her, brought her to a hospital, saved her, and she ended up living a good life, so she counts and she matters.”

The battle between life and death

Elections have consequences.

If a Pro-Life politician like Ron DeSantis was elected President of the United States of America – his Pro-Life values would trickle down into his administration picks and into every branch of government.

But putting a rabid anti-life thug like Gavin Newsom in the White House would do just the opposite.

If ever given the power to act – Newsom would guarantee the slaughter of more unborn babies.

The debate between DeSantis and Newsom truly highlighted the battle between life and death.

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