Joe Biden finally admitted this dirty little secret about abortion that pro-life activists knew all along

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Democrats used to claim they only wanted abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.

But over the past few years they have finally proven what their real goal is when it comes to killing the pre-born.

And now Joe Biden finally admitted this dirty little secret about abortion that pro-life activists knew all along.

Joe Biden recently contradicted himself when talking about abortion and ended up admitting something the Left has tried to hide for decades.

All three trimesters

Biden, while falsely claiming he’s not in favor of “abortion on demand” then said he is for abortion in all three trimesters of a woman’s pregnancy.

In response to Biden’s comments media outlets and activists on both sides of the issue were confused and commented on just how little sense he made.

Biden and his handlers have tried their best to make abortion on demand a key issue in his reelection campaign, in an attempt to avoid discussing his abysmal record as President.

During a Las Vegas stop for his campaign, Biden began by telling the audience about all the negative impacts that would occur if former President Donald Trump were to win this November.

Biden spoke derisively about Trump’s strong pro-life policies but then ended up completely contradicting himself about his own stance on the issue.

“Trump is bragging about turning over another basic freedom,” Biden said at one point, “Roe v. Wade.” 

Not surprisingly, the pro-abortion audience erupted in boos at the mention of the greatest victory for life in American history.

“If MAGA Republicans try to pass a national ban on a woman’s right to choose, I will veto it,” Biden insisted.

Biden’s use of the “right to choose” phrase was a classic pro-abortionist attempt to hide that what it really means is a choice between killing an innocent baby or allowing it the most basic of all human rights. 

It was not lost on most observers that this is a perversion of the Catholic faith to which Biden claims to adhere.

Things go off the rails

Then things got weird and confusing as they often do with Biden’s speeches.

Biden stared intently at the audience before he promised that if he is re-elected, he’d “bring back Roe v. Wade.” 

Again, the partisan audience cheered. 

That’s when things went off the rails.

Because in his next statement, he got all twisted around and began contradicting himself.

“I love how Trump is saying Biden is for abortion on demand. Not true. That’s not what Roe v. Wade said. It said the three trimesters,” Biden confidently said.

He didn’t seem to understand, or didn’t care, that if you promote abortion throughout all three trimesters of a three-trimester long pregnancy, you do want abortion on demand. 

In fact, that is the definition of abortion on demand.

“Does this high IQed individual realize he just said he’s for abortion for 3 trimesters and there are in fact 3 trimesters a pregnancy…the jokes just write themselves,” one user on X wrote. 

“U can tell when he goes off script and when he reads teleprompter,” another added.

One user noted that Biden is “willing to restrict abortion in the fourth trimester.” 

And another user wrote, “That’s nice of him – as long as it is before the 1st birthday he is cool with.”

The simple truth it for anyone to say they support abortion during all three trimesters of pregnancy is completely and utterly barbaric and has no place in a free society. 

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