Joe Biden flew into a fit of rage after this radical UN abortion plan failed because of 22 Pro-Life nations

Wilfried Huss, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The radical pro-abortion lobby has been working hard to promote the murder of the pre-born around the world.

And the United States under the Biden administration has been leading the pro-abortion charge.

That’s why Joe Biden flew into a rage after this radical UN abortion plan failed because of 22 Pro-Life nations.

The radical pro-abortion lobby is worldwide.

They aren’t happy just killing American children but must promote their abortion mills in every nation.

Biden administration joins with EU and Canada pushing a radical pro-abortion scheme at the UN

The fifty-sixth annual United Nations Commission on Population and Development ended abruptly on Friday, April 14, in New York City. 

Rather than unity, chaos ensued and the conference ended without passing its cornerstone proposal.

The EU, Canada, and the United States inserted radical and never-before-agreed-upon language into a UN plan to make Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) a human right. 

Pro-Life groups from around the globe strongly oppose CSE because as written and presented, it would allow minor children to seek abortions without their parent’s consent – or even knowledge.

But, at least for this year, it looks like the pro-abortion globalist lobby went just a little bit too far.

At the UN plans such as this can only move forward with the total consensus of all voting member states.

So as the conference closed, it closed in chaos, not consensus.

Because once this pro-abortion language was added, twenty-two nations, representing more than 1 billion people, withdrew their support of the proposal. 

And that resulted in a major victory for life.

22 Pro-Life nations band together

At one point, the Pakistani delegation even tried to make the claim that the biggest crisis children are currently facing in the world is because of the fallout from COVID, nearly 100 million children worldwide are not being schooled. 

And that led the Dutch delegation to claim the real crisis is the lack of Comprehensive Sexual Education.

Because children around the world who are starving to death, working in slave labor camps, or being massacred by terrorists are very concerned about sex ed.

But that is the thinking of the woke nations in the international body.

A UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs representative even argued that too many babies in Sub-Saharan Africa are detrimental to education. 

A big victory for life

By the end of the conference, lines had been drawn in the sand, and the 22 nations emerged as a block unwilling to compromise on life.

And it was so contentious and chaotic that no document was ever produced or moved forward.

This was a major Pro-Life win on the international stage.

The twenty-two countries who took on the rest of the world are responsible for saving countless thousands, or millions, of lives.

The battle is not over, but this is a good sign for fights to come.

And maybe the U.S. will one day return to the side of life.

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