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Radical leftist protesters are roaming free around the country.

They even just stormed the U.S. Capital, have burned down churches, and attacked American citizens while law enforcement looks the other way.

Yet Joe Biden has stepped up surveillance programs against pro-lifers and churches and leaving many to wonder who’s next.

The federal government is out of control.

From criminals to churches

And nowhere is that more evident than in the federal government’s increased spying on pro-life activists, Christians, conservatives, and anyone that opposes their socialist agenda.

The government’s increased use of geofence technology (using cellphone location data to identify people who are in a particular area at any given time) is an assault on the Constitution, conservatives, and especially pro-life Americans.

First, local police forces began using geofence warrants to carry out dragnet sweeps of individuals who were near a crime scene.

Then the FBI used these geofence warrants to identify any individuals who were in the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

And they didn’t care whether those individuals were in the Capital, just if they were anywhere nearby.

It wasn’t long before the California government officials started using cellphone and geofence data to track the movements of churchgoers on church grounds during the COVID lockdowns.

Now the government is using geofencing to track pro-life activists.

What is to come

One only needs look to the treatment the January 6 protesters have faced to understand what is coming for the pro-life movement.

Geofence surveillance sweeps are soon going to be used to target as a suspect every person in any given place at any given time.

And this not only includes, but is being focused on, pro-life activists.

What is next? Just look at what the government did to January 6 protesters.

Government agents compiled a massive database on anyone and everyone who may have been in the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Included in that data were individuals who likely had nothing to do with the protests but whose cellphone location data identified them as being in the area.

It turned out you didn’t even have to be involved in the Capitol protests to qualify for a visit from the FBI.

Agents reportedly tracked and questioned anyone whose cellphones connected to wi-fi or pinged cellphone towers anywhere near the Capitol.

According to investigative journalists Charlie Warzel and Stuart A. Thompson, “This [surveillance] data … provide[s] an intimate record of people whether they were visiting drug treatment centers, strip clubs, casinos, abortion clinics or places of worship.”

You read that right, abortion clinics.

Were you silently praying outside an abortion mill? Don’t be surprised of the feds show up to question you and maybe even charge you with FACE Act violations.

Because under our current surveillance state, we’re all suspects to be tracked, catalogued and targeted.

The days of innocent until proven guilty are far behind us.

Thanks to the digital trails and digital footprints all of us leave behind, we are all guilty and have to prove our innocence.

Churches under assault

Just look what happened to Calvary Chapel in California during COVID lockdowns.

Government officials issued a shelter-in-place order in March 2020, dictating where residents of the county could go, what they could do, and under what circumstances they were even allowed to leave their homes.

But then officials slapped even harsher restrictions on the county’s churches.

Santa Clara officials used geofence surveillance to monitor the congregants at Calvary Chapel Church during the lockdowns and then used the data to impose almost $3 million in fines against the church.

But the government’s use of geofence surveillance goes far beyond its impact on church members.

It is well known that mass surveillance puts a damper on lawful First Amendment activities, and has been used, and is being used, to tamp down dissent, persecute activists, and harass pro-life and conservative activists.

As the abortion issue continues to heat up, expect more of this unconstitutional activity by the government.

They want us silenced and they will use any means to make sure we are.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.