Joe Biden is unhinged and locking up Pro-Lifers left and right, but his latest target will shock you

Pro-Lifers are in danger like never before.

And while Joe Biden is unhinged locking up Pro-Lifers left and right . . . 

. . . his latest target will shock you.

Bow down to the abortion god or else

President Joe Biden is desperate to get re-elected – so he’s throwing red meat to his pro-abortion base.

While Biden still claims to be a practicing Catholic – his radical abortion views show how far he has fallen.

Joe Biden doesn’t care why a woman wants to kill her baby.

It doesn’t matter to him how far along a woman is in her pregnancy . . . 

. . . or how young the pregnant mom is.

Biden and his sidekick, Kamala Harris, think abortion should be the law of the land, allowing pregnant moms to kill their babies whenever they want.

And if anyone dares to stand in the way of a woman getting an abortion – Biden has made it clear they will be severely punished. 

57 months in prison 

Lauren Handy is a 30-year-old Catholic female.

And she is a liberal.

So why did Biden’s minions sentence her to prison for 57 months?

Because she is Pro-Life.

As much as Biden loves his liberal base – that only applies if a person is pro-abortion.

Lauren Handy was one of the Pro-Lifers found guilty of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act).

She was peacefully exercising her constitutional right to speak out against abortion.

And while left-wing groups can exercise their right to protest – even using violence like the Black Lives Matter thugs – Biden and his pals will protect their own. 

Before her ruling was issued, Handy issued a statement reiterating her commitment to life.

LifeSiteNews posted her heartfelt statement which started out with Handy expressing her grief.

“It has been close to 9 months since I was abruptly ripped from my community. This has led me to think long and hard on what to say about my sentencing today in federal court,” Handy said.

She continued “Some drafts were angry and righteous while most were just a tearstained longing for my loved ones back home. Yes, this time has been challenging but I refuse to be jaded. Why? Because life goes on… even in jail.”

“So I might as well continue to love and cry and scream and dance. That is joy. The feeling of being fully alive without shame. Which is something no court can take from me. So today, I am at peace with myself and my future. I will go into court with my head held high and my heart open,” Handy concluded.

Of course, this was right before she was sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison! 

Biden is unhinged

Joe Biden feels no remorse for ruining a young 30-year-old woman’s life.

All he cares about is ensuring Pro-Lifers are silenced so his radical anti-life agenda can continue.

As the battle for life wages on – one can expect Joe Biden will continue to weaponize his people to target Pro-Lifers.

Donald Trump must be elected to stop him. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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