Joe Biden is using money from Pro-Life taxpayers to ram through the unthinkable

Photo by Malik Cil from Pexels

Joe Biden is determined to ram through his anti-life agenda – and he wants Pro-Life taxpayers to foot the bill.

And while Biden hoped Pro-Lifers would never learn how their money is actually spent, the truth has been revealed.

In a disgusting new revelation, a report proved Joe Biden is using money from Pro-Life taxpayers to ram through the unthinkable.

Biden’s blood money

A startling report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed nearly $2 billion of taxpayer funds were spent propping up abortion giants like Planned Parenthood.

GAO reported Planned Parenthood and other international pro-abortion groups received $1.89 billion in federal funds over the span of a three-year period.

Pure insanity!

According to the GAO report, the term “federal funding” refers to funding awarded by federal agencies through grants, cooperative agreements, payments made by public health coverage programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or through federally guaranteed loans.

The Congressional Pro-Life Caucus provided an executive summary of the report which revealed the shocking details.

As it turns out, Planned Parenthood Federation of America received $1.78 billion and International Planned Parenthood Federation received another $2.03 million. Other anti-life agencies like MSI Reproductive Choices received $1.35 million and four domestic regional organizations got another $107.74 million.

Leave it to Biden to use federal dollars to empower Planned Parenthood overseas. 

The biggest lie of all

While the funds are supposed to be protected by the Hyde and Helms Amendments and not pay for abortions – the fact that they still go to abortion providers is essentially the same thing.

Receiving a slew of federal funds frees up extra money for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood to provide more abortions.

If Biden wasn’t lining their pockets, they wouldn’t have the resources needed to entice vulnerable women to enter through their doors. 

Not to mention, Pro-Lifers don’t want ANY of their hard-earned money going to abortion giants – regardless of how the money is spent.  

But the abortion lobby continues to spread the lie that agencies like Planned Parenthood actually provide “healthcare” to women. 

True healthcare is empowering women to choose life and helping them navigate their pregnancies without killing their own flesh and blood.  

All Planned Parenthood cares about is ranking in money and exploiting vulnerable women.

Closing the loophole

While abortion providers cannot use federal tax dollars to fund abortion – they shouldn’t have access to tax dollars at all.

Planned Parenthood has no right to boost up their organization with billions of taxpayer dollars.

It’s unconscionable. 

But if Joe Biden gets his way, Planned Parenthood will have even more resources to carry out his rogue agenda – and women and children everywhere will continue to suffer. 

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