Joe Biden proved he doesn’t really care about the environment after this horror found in drainpipe

Photo by Dan Keck via flickr

The radical environmentalists are ignoring the abject disaster of the train derailment in Ohio.

They are also ignoring the recent derailment in Texas.

But after this horror was found in a Texas drainpipe Joe Biden proved he doesn’t really care about the environment at all.

There are many things that can be harmful to the environment and especially to our drinking water.

Just look at the chemical disaster in Ohio that is killing fish for hundreds of miles.

Green activists remain mum

But don’t expect to hear anything from the Biden administration or the radical environmental extremists on this disaster.

Train derailments and chemical spills don’t raise money for these groups like oil spills and climate change.

Even more disgusting is their flat-out ignoring the damage being done to the nation’s water supply by the huge spike in chemical abortions.

They have to remain silent about this, even though it causes real, provable damage, so as not to upset their pro-abortion allies.

And now police officers in south Texas say an investigation is underway after a tenant in an apartment building discovered the remains of a baby inside a drainage pipe.

The tenant was working to unclog a pipe in their apartment and found the baby’s remains, most likely from an at-home chemical abortion, flushed down the toilet.

The tenant then called 911.

Petition to stop the flushing of chemical and biological waste

The Mission Police Department confirmed that it is investigating the case.

Police said the tenant had been having issues with the backflow of the water in their apartment and he later found the baby’s remains “next to the drainage pipe.”

Kristi Hamrick, Vice President of Media and Policy for Students for Life Action, said the Texas incident proves there are serious concerns about women being advised to flush their babies’ remains down the toilet.

Even worse is that they are also flushing chemically tainted blood and tissue that go into the wastewater system.

“Though the information is scarce on this case, it’s clear that an infant’s body has not been handled with dignity and care, and as Students for Life and SFLAction have noted, the advice to flush human remains can harm aquatic, animal and even plant life,” Hamrick told The Christian Post.

Hamrick also pointed to SFLA and SFLAction’s “Red Bag Medical Waste Citizen’s Petition” to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about this issue.

The FDA, of course, rejected the petition back in January.

The petition called for reinstating safety standards for abortion pills, as well as posting about the environmental impact of flushing human remains down toilets or sinks.

“The Biden administration’s push for online distribution of abortion pills exposes women to injury, infertility, death and abusers, who can get the drugs to use on mothers without their knowledge or consent,” Hamrick added. “The list of harms continue as we look deeper into how sending human remains as policy into our wastewater is impacting all of us.”

On January 3, the Biden FDA announced it had modified its protocol for using abortion pills, allowing certified pharmacies to dispense the pills to women.

Under the new policy, women can also obtain a prescription through telehealth appointments and receive abortion-inducing drugs by mail.

Once again the Biden administration shows it’s not concerned about the environment and certainly doesn’t care about the deaths of the unborn.

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