Joe Biden remains silent about continued dangerous threats leveled at Pro-Lifers

Violent pro-abortion activists continue to assault and terrorize Pro-Lifers.

But instead of using his power to condemn the attacks, Joe Biden is silent.

And now as the dangerous threats leveled against Pro-Lifers continue to rise – Joe Biden’s cowardly response only proves one thing.

Biden doesn’t care about Pro-Lifers

President Joe Biden could care less if Pro-Lifers are attacked.

All Biden cares about is ramming through his pro-abortion narrative – whatever the cost.

Not only does Biden not care about Pro-Lifers – he wishes they’d go away and be quiet.

There’s a reason his FBI was busted when a leaked memo revealed their plan to target Pro-Lifers and label them as “domestic terrorists”.

Anyone who dares get in the way of the radical pro-abortion agenda of the Biden administration is deemed an enemy.

Praying Pro-Lifers and death threats

Peaceful sidewalk counselors are on the front lines of the Pro-Life battle standing outside of abortion clinics and praying with women who are considering abortion.

The effectiveness of these sidewalk counselors is noted – as many women end up turning away from the violent abortion centers.

To silence sidewalk counselors, some cities have crated “buffer zones” limiting how close to an abortion center Pro-Lifers can stand.

But not only do Pro-Lifers face being silenced – they face death threats on a regular basis.

In North Carolina, sidewalk counselors were praying outside a Planned Parenthood, when a lunatic drove by and waved a handgun at them.

And as Operation Rescue reported, the same man returned the following month and said to the Pro-Lifers “Do you want to meet God today?” before acting like he was going to his car to get something – which Pro-Lifers feared was a gun.

Nothing is done to stop the violence

While police were called, the lunatic was let off with a warning. 

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman noted the real danger Pro-Lifers face each day as they dedicate their lives to helping women.

“These peaceful, prayerful citizens are risking their own safety to care for women who think a dangerous abortion clinic is their only option, while state officials do the bare minimum to investigate women being carted away with severe hemorrhaging,” said Newman.

“And police let a gun-waving maniac off with a warning. It’s an absolutely upside-down sense of justice,” Newman continued.

Can you imagine the outrage if conservatives or Pro-Lifers drove to woke rallies and threatened protestors?

Joe Biden would have a full-fledged meltdown and call for the prosecution of all conservatives.

Of course, conservatives aren’t the ones acting violent – they are simply peacefully praying for women contemplating abortion and risking their lives to do so.

Joe Biden should shift his priorities back to protecting Americans and condemn the acts of violence against peaceful Pro-Life sidewalk counselors. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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