Joe Biden told an insane lie to Florida voters that left them rolling their eyes in disgust

Joe Biden is traveling around the country hoping Americans will believe his out-of-touch version of reality.

But Florida voters are too smart to buy into Biden’s latest charade.

And after Joe Biden told an insane lie to Florida voters, it left them rolling their eyes in disgust. 

Biden’s pro-abortion insanity 

Joe Biden is a self-professed “Catholic” who uses every opportunity he can to advocate for the slaying of unborn babies.

Biden has traveled around the country vowing an abortion ban will “never happen on his watch” telling voters if he remains in the White House, he will “make Roe the law of the land again.”

As if Biden has the power to do so.

But in Washington D.C. – power dies hard.

Yet anti-life liberals continue to eat up Biden’s talking points.

They are so desperate and furious that so many states are passing legislation to protect unborn babies, they’ll believe anyone who will tell them something different – even if it isn’t true.

The biggest lie of all

Biden hopes he can scare women into abortion by painting Donald Trump as an extremist determined to “take their rights away.”

In 2024, women have more freedoms than ever . . .

. . . yet Biden claims if Trump gets elected women will become “more oppressed” than their own grandmothers.

Speaking to a crowd in Florida, Biden spurred off a slew of lies peddled by the abortion lobby.

“Now in America, today in 2024, women have fewer rights than their mothers and their grandmothers had because of Donald Trump,” Biden said.

He continued, “Look – I don’t think we’re going to let him get away with it, do you?”


And get away with what?

Protecting unborn babies from dying?

No woman has the “right” to kill a baby.

If anything – protecting the rights of unborn babies (which includes unborn baby girls) – gives women the greatest chance at freedom and prosperity by allowing them the basic inherent right to be born.

Floridians don’t want Biden’s pro-abort policies 

In Florida, abortion is banned after six weeks.

This incredible Pro-Life victory shows how serious Floridians take protecting unborn babies.

While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris may think unborn babies can be slaughtered for any reason – at any given time – their radical policies aren’t welcome in Florida.

Joe Biden is so desperate to get votes he will say and do anything to get elected.

But while Biden thinks his scare tactics and threats will terrorize women into voting for him– he’s got another thing coming.

The abortion lobby may be working overtime to get votes and help pass ballot initiatives to codify abortion – but Pro-Lifers are working just as hard to fight for life.

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