Joe Biden was all smiles after Chicago Teachers Union bosses made one demand that has nothing to do with education

Union bosses have long been part of the radical Left’s coalition.

And teachers’ union bosses are among the worst of the bunch.

That’s why Joe Biden was all smiles after Chicago Teachers Union bosses made one demand that has nothing to do with education.

There was a time when union bosses made demands that directly impacted the teachers who belonged to the union.

From pay raises to taxpayer-funded abortions 

But those days are long gone.

Not only do teacher union bosses not care about educating children, but they also don’t even care about the teachers they are supposed to represent.

And this was just made crystal clear by the union bosses at the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU).

While their new demands do call for a huge 9% raise for teachers, it is their other demands that have observers shaking their heads in disgust.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is currently negotiating a new contract with the Chicago public school system.

In addition to demanding an extra $50 billion to pay for wage hikes, the union bosses are making other demands that have nothing to do with education.

Included in those demands are new services for illegal aliens, a long list of LGBTQ requirements, and fully paid abortions for its members. 

The shocking demands are being made despite the fact that Chicago teachers have delivered underwhelming results for the Windy City’s students.

According to the most recent Nation’s Report Card, which provides national results about students’ performance, only 21 percent of the city’s eighth graders are proficient readers.

While the union bosses’ demands have not been made public, a recently leaked document is shedding some light on the outrageous demands.

The average teacher salary in Chicago Public Schools is $93,182, according to research by the Illinois Policy Institute, making them among the highest paid teachers in the country.

That means, under the proposed raise, the average teacher’s pay will increase by half to $144,620 in the 2027-2028 school year. 

That figure would mean teachers would be making more than double the median household income in Chicago. 

Last school year, the district spent more than $21,000 per student, far above the national average of $14,347.

And yet Chicago’s students simply aren’t learning.

Union bosses more concerned with abortion-on-demand than on teaching children

While the contract demands might seem outrageous, especially in light of the poor performance of the Teachers Union, the union bosses have tremendous power in the city…

… including very deep ties to Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson. 

Johnson is a former CTU legislative coordinator who was put up to run for Mayor by CTU union bosses.

And as of June 30, 2023, CTU had funneled more than $2.6 million into Johnson’s campaign.

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, Johnson received more than $6 million from teachers’ unions in his campaign.

The leaked union boss demands also call for 100% coverage benefits for abortions for teacher union members.

Mailee Smith, Senior Director of Labor Policy at the Illinois Policy Institute, blasted the union boss demands and said Mayor Johnson should recuse himself from contract negotiations.

“These demands read more like a political agenda than a serious contract intent on supporting teachers’ wages and benefits, and promoting the education of Chicago students,” Smith said in a statement.

Smith is right.  While students aren’t learning to read, teachers union bosses are demanding free, taxpayer-funded abortions. 

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