Joe Biden was ecstatic once he heard about the shocking press conference at Planned Parenthood

President Joe Biden loves it when leftist politicians do his bidding.

But one local politician exposed her secret plan that left everyone speechless. 

 And a shocking press conference at Planned Parenthood revealed the dirty details and Joe Biden is ecstatic.

Another dangerous ballot measure

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has destroyed the city.

In Breed’s liberal utopia, “drag queens” are in charge . . . 

. . . and babies are slayed.

But Breed was determined to make things even more awful. 

In a brazen move, she marched over to Planned Parenthood to hold a press conference revealing her next plan of attack.

And it’s worse than anyone imagined.

In a shocking announcement, Breed proclaimed voters would determine whether San Fransisco would use city funding to “protect abortion rights.”

“This ballot measure secures access to reproductive services and abortions for women in our city, but it also sends a clear message across the nation that San Francisco continues to be a leader in supporting reproductive rights and we will not tolerate any level of disruption,” Breed wrote in a press release.

As if boasting about killing unborn babies is an “honor.”

Targeting crisis pregnancy centers

Breed also announced the measure would target crisis pregnancy centers by forcing them to “display signage” admitting they don’t provide abortions and telling women where they could go to get them, The San Francisco Examiner reported. 


As if it isn’t bad enough San Francisco performs roughly 1,200 abortions a year . . .

. . . now they want to shut down the centers that are actually saving babies lives.

But according to Breed, killing unborn babies is standing on the “right side of history” stating abortion is a “core value.”

“We have stood on the right side of history before and now, more than ever, we will work harder to get back what was taken and preserve what we know to be a core value in this country,” Breed continued.


Abortion is not a “core value” – protecting innocent life is.

Joe Biden is leaping for joy

Biden loves it when leftist cities carry out his radical pro-abortion agenda.

It makes his job easier.

And if the San Fransisco measure passes, not only will crisis pregnancy centers have a target on their backs – but taxpayers will foot the bill.

Breed’s measure also claims it will “prohibit use of City funds to cooperate with or provide information to support prosecution of an abortion or reproductive health service that is lawful in California.”

Essentially – Breed is inviting women from all over America (even kids) to come kill their babies – vowing California won’t “cooperate” with any prosecution from other states.

The Left’s pro-abortion agenda gets more radical by the day.

And Democrats continue to pass (or try to pass) outrageous measures demanding taxpayers pay for it.

The battle for the heart and soul of America comes down to who wins on Election Day.

With Donald Trump – unborn babies have a chance at life.

But if Joe Biden gets four more years, America is doomed. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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