Joe Biden was grinning ear to ear when he found out how many abortions are being done using this method

The pro-abortion lobby and their Democrat lackies are doing everything and anything to spread abortion-on-demand.

It seems they will go to any length to promote the mass murder of the preborn.

That’s why Joe Biden was grinning ear to ear when he found out how many abortions are being done using this method.

More than six in ten of all abortions in the U.S. last year were done through chemical abortion pills.

Mass murder through modern chemistry

This 63% number is up ten points from the 53% of abortions committed through chemical abortion in 2020, according to new research.

The Guttmacher Institute, a well-known pro-abortion research group, reported some 642,700 medication abortions took place in the first full calendar year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with its Dobbs decision. 

Chemical abortion accounted for a shocking 63% of all abortions in the formal health care system.

And this is understated as many chemical abortions go unreported.

The data from Guttmacher was released just a week before the high court was to hear arguments in a case that could impact how women get access to the chemical abortion drug mifepristone, which is usually used with another pill in chemical abortions.

The Clinton Food and Drug Administration approved mifepristone for abortions in 2000, claiming it was a safe and effective way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

And last year, Biden’s FDA loosened the restrictions on the distribution of the deadly drugs. 

In early March of this year, CVS and Walgreens, the two largest pharmacy chains in the U.S., announced they planned to make the dangerous abortion drug available to women as soon as within the month. 

Both pharmacies told CBS News they had become certified to dispense the chemical abortion pills following the regulatory changes Biden’s FDA made last year allowing retail pharmacies to sell the pills.

Joe Biden praises the move to ramp up mass murder

The move by the big pharmacy chains drew effuse praise from Joe Biden.

“The stakes could not be higher for women across America,” Mr. Biden said in a statement earlier this month. “I encourage all pharmacies that want to pursue this option to seek certification.”

The nationwide push for chemical abortion drugs over surgical abortions has resulted in pro-life advocates suing the FDA over the drug’s approval.

Pro-life activists have also begun staging peaceful protests outside of pharmacies, and many have called for a boycott of CVS and Walgreens. 

Addressing the new statistics, Guttmacher researcher Rachel Jones said the increase in chemical abortions wasn’t a surprise.

“For example, it is now possible in some states, at least for health care providers, to mail mifepristone to people in their homes,” Jones said, “so that saves patients travel costs and taking time off work.”

Guttmacher’s data, which is collected by contacting abortion providers, doesn’t even count the thousands of self-managed chemical abortions that take place outside the health care system.

Nor does it count the abortions performed through the deadly drugs being illegally mailed to women in states with abortion restrictions.

The case currently before the Supreme Court could cut off access to mifepristone by mail and impose other restrictions, even in states where abortion remains legal.

Pro-life activists are praying the high court at least restricts the deadly chemical abortions.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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