Joe Biden was grinning like a fool after the Federal Election Commission made one shocking pro-abortion decision

The radical Left’s pro-abortion agenda is going to be a major part of the 2024 elections.

And they are pulling out all the stops to force their pro-abortion-on-demand agenda on the nation.

That’s why Joe Biden was grinning like a fool after the Federal Election Commission (FEC) made one shocking pro-abortion decision.

Foreign money is strictly forbidden in U.S. federal elections.

The FEC changes the rules for the pro-abortion lobby

But now these rules are changing – at least as long as the foreign money benefits the pro-abortion lobby.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has made a shocking decision and approved unlimited foreign and outside spending for ballot initiatives nationwide.

Specifically, this new ruling helps the pro-abortion lobby in their efforts to repeal pro-life laws in a number of states through referendum.

The FEC’s surprising move was strongly opposed by pro-life leaders, Christian activists and most Republicans.

Democrats have decided to rely heavily on pro-abortion referenda as a way to turn out their base this November in the face of a failing Biden campaign.

Despite the strong opposition, all three Republicans joined the one Democrat on the panel in voting for the advisory opinion which will allow foreign money to flow into elections.

Most shockingly, FEC chairman Sean Cooksey, who was appointed in 2020 by former President Donald Trump, also voted for the foreign slush fund to benefit the abortion lobby.

This ruling opens the door for the radical Left to use foreign money to try and buy elections this fall on abortion, and a number of other left-wing priorities.

A move pushed by the abortion-on-demand lobby

The FEC took the action after a request from a Nevada-based pro-abortion group.

The move will allow PACs and nonprofits to rake in cash from overseas donors and governments, corporations, and dark money billionaire donors for use in efforts for and against ballot measures.

Foreign money has long been illegal for individual candidates, their fundraising committees, and federal PACs under federal campaign finance law.

But this new ruling will certainly benefit these candidates as the radical Left will be using the money to drive up voter turnout.

Pro-abortion group Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom requested the change to solicit unlimited funding for its political action committee and nonprofit.

They claimed the money will only be used for collecting signatures to secure a November 5 ballot initiative which aims to enshrine abortion-on-demand in the Silver State’s constitution.

And they also say they will use this foreign money to bankroll the effort to pass the referendum.

But political observers know this money will indirectly aid radical Democrat politicians as well.

In fact, under the ruling, political candidates are also allowed to fundraise for any state-level initiatives.

This will give Democrats a cohesive line of attack on pro-abortion issues heading into what is expected to be a close 2024 election.

Simply put, the FEC’s ruling gives a huge advantage to Democrats and the pro-abortion lobby.

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