Joe Biden was in for a shock when the Attorney General from this state pushed back against his radical agenda

The Biden administration seems to be getting more radical by the day.

As the 2024 presidential election gets closer, the truth behind some of President Biden’s motives are starting to be uncovered.

And Joe Biden was in for a shock when the Attorney General from this state pushed back against his radical agenda.

In a dramatic legal battle, Idaho stands firm against the Biden administration’s audacious attempt to trample on the sanctity of life. 

With seasoned litigators from Alliance Defending Freedom and Cooper & Kirk by its side, the Office of the Idaho Attorney General launched its opening salvo at the U.S. Supreme Court, fighting tooth and nail to preserve Idaho’s Defense of Life Act.

The Biden administration is threatening to force ER doctors to perform abortions, but the Idaho AG has proven that the pro-life state won’t stand for it. 

The saga began in August 2022, when the Biden administration launched a blistering attack on Idaho’s pro-life legislation, alleging that federal law could override the state’s protections for unborn children. 

But Idaho refuses to back down, asserting that its law aligns seamlessly with federal statutes, both aimed at safeguarding lives.

Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador minced no words, slamming the Biden administration’s egregious overreach. 

“Idaho’s law is perfectly consistent with EMTALA, which provides explicit protections for ‘unborn children’… The notion that EMTALA requires doctors to perform abortions is absurd,” Labrador declared.

ADF Senior Counsel John Bursch echoed Labrador’s sentiments, decrying the Biden administration’s blatant power grab. 

“The Biden administration has no authority to override Idaho’s law and force emergency room doctors to perform abortions… The Supreme Court should uphold Idaho’s law and ensure that emergency room doctors are not forced to end lives,” Bursch asserted.

With Chuck Cooper, chairman of Cooper & Kirk, adding his voice to the chorus of dissent, the legal team presented a formidable front against federal encroachment. 

“The administration has no authority to use EMTALA to overwrite Idaho’s law, and we hope the Supreme Court will end the administration’s brazen lawlessness,” Cooper declared.

The opening brief pulls no punches, calling out the Biden administration’s hypocrisy in the wake of the landmark Dobbs case. 

“The whole point of Dobbs was to restore to the states their authority to regulate abortion… The administration seeks to thwart Idaho’s exercise of self-government on this important topic,” the brief asserts.

Furthermore, the brief dismantles the Biden administration’s flawed interpretation of EMTALA, emphasizing that the federal statute explicitly protects unborn children in multiple instances. 

“A medical provider complies with EMTALA when it offers stabilizing treatment in accord with state law and the hospital’s capabilities… That is why there is no conflict between Idaho’s Defense of Life Act and EMTALA,” the brief elucidates.

As the legal showdown unfolds, Idaho remains steadfast in its commitment to defend life at all costs. 

The state’s law poses no threat to pregnant women’s healthcare, explicitly providing necessary medical care for women in distress.

In the face of relentless federal pressure, Idaho emerges as a beacon of hope for pro-life Americans across the nation. 

This case is also proof that even when a state emerges “victorious” in terms of pro-life laws, the battle isn’t over. 

Life is precious and continues to need to be protected against forces that would prevail against it. 

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