Joe Biden was red with rage after he saw what this Super Bowl champ did behind his back

Professional athletes are not known for supporting conservative causes.

But recently one rising star chose to change the narrative in a big way.

And Joe Biden was red with rage after he saw what this Super Bowl champ did behind his back.

NFL star Harrison Butker, famed Kansas City Chiefs kicker, stood up for his beliefs in front of the (very pro-choice) President of the United States in a surprising and bold way. 

The star unleashed a powerful pro-life message in the heart of the nation’s capital with his choice of wardrobe. 

In a bold act of defiance against the Biden administration’s pro-choice policies, Butker made a statement that reverberated through the hallowed halls of power.

Last year, at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration at the White House, Butker donned a tie emblazoned with a Latin pro-life phrase, ‘Vulnerari Praesidio’, translating to ‘to protect the most vulnerable’. 

Positioned directly behind President Joe Biden, Butker’s silent protest spoke volumes, challenging the status quo and shedding light on the plight of the unborn.

But what drove Butker to take such a courageous stand? 

Delving into the depths of his convictions, Butker revealed that his unwavering commitment to life stems from a profound belief in the sanctity of human dignity. 

In an interview with EWTN News’s In Depth, Butker echoes the sentiments of countless pro-life Americans, declaring:

“Unfortunately, there’s some laws being pushed through I don’t think value all human life and one of those laws is allowing abortion to be legal in this country.”

With each word, Butker’s resolute determination to champion the voiceless echoes across the nation, inspiring millions to join the fight for the unborn. 

Butker’s tie serves as a poignant reminder that every life, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, deserves to be cherished and protected.

Reflecting on his decision to wear the pro-life tie, Butker expressed his heartfelt conviction, stating:

“The unborn are, to me, the greatest victims in our society. They don’t have a voice, they don’t necessarily look like humans, they’re not very big, they can’t fight for themselves.”

Driven by personal experience, Butker and his wife, Isabelle, have endured the heartache of three miscarriages, yet remain steadfast in their commitment to building a family. 

Their unwavering resilience in the face of adversity serves as a beacon of hope for countless couples navigating similar struggles.

Butker’s decision to make his beliefs known, even in the face of many who disagreed, serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to stand up for the sanctity of life, in spite of obstacles. 

In a world plagued by moral ambiguity and ethical uncertainty, Butker’s unwavering stance offers a glimmer of hope, igniting a flame of righteousness that will illuminate the darkest corners of our society.

As Harrison and Isabelle Butker continue their journey together, their unwavering dedication to the cause of life serves as a testament to the power of love, faith, and resilience. 

So many celebrities speak out in favor of abortion, so it’s refreshing to see someone in the public eye take a stance for life. 

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