Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election announcement made life the top issue

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Many GOP operatives and elected officials are afraid of the abortion issue.

And if they don’t change course, they will suffer a devastating defeat.

Because Joe Biden just made abortion his number one issue in 2024 with his reelection announcement.

If there was ever any doubt about it, Joe Biden made it clear abortion is his number one policy concern going into 2024.

Killing babies has become the Democrats’ main goal

Unlike many in the GOP, but like South Carolina RINO Congresswoman Nancy Mace, Democrats are making abortion the number one issue.

They believe the American people are ready for their radical pro-abortion programs that would have taxpayers paying for all abortions up to – and even after – birth.

The GOP should be champing at the bit to talk about the life issue, but unless they stop getting Maced and change course, they will end up losing everything.

And if the GOP does change course and start boldly proclaiming their pro-life values, it will be because of pro-life groups like Students for Life Action, which is holding politicians’ feet to the fire on the issue.

Most pro-life groups point to the disappointing 2022 elections as proof, not of the dangers of the abortion issue, but on the party’s hesitancy to put out a strong pro-life message on the issue.

GOP has no spine

The other problem is the GOP’s lack of consensus on the important issue and their lack of a spine.

They can’t seem to agree on just what national restrictions should be put forward and even when they seem to come up with something they cower and cave in before making any progress.

But some GOP Presidential candidates are now looking to change that.

In fact, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed into Florida law a ban on most abortions after six weeks.

And Mike Pence, thought to be a GOP contender has spoken out strongly on the issue.

But the Republican Party’s continued lack of spine has caused Students for Life to visit multiple elected Republican offices and hand out plastic spines to cowardly GOP officials.

It is still early enough in the cycle for the GOP to change course and counter the Democrat pro-abortion push with a strong pro-life message, and strong pro-life legislation.

If they won’t do so, they risk allowing the Democrats to completely drive the messaging on the issue.

The life issue is not going away

The simple fact is, the issue of abortion is not going away.

Democrats will continue to use the issue to rouse their radical base while Republicans flounder in a sea of “consensus” on the issue.

It is time for Republicans to understand this literally is an issue of life or death and they need to pick a side.

Democrats have chosen – and they chose the pro-death side. 

Republicans should not struggle at all to choose the side of life and liberty.

And unless they do, Democrats will continue to crush them in national elections.

But more importantly, the longer they shy away from the issue, the more babies will be slaughtered by the abortion mill industry.

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