Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is helping the abortion lobby block this state from enforcing its Pro-Life laws

Photo by Alex Hockett from Unsplash

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in last year’s Dobbs decision, several states have put strong pro-life laws in place to protect innocent children.

Alabama passed a law making it a crime to help a woman travel out of state to get an abortion.

But Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is helping the abortion lobby block Alabama from enforcing its Pro-Life laws.

The abortion lobby is launching attacks against Pro-Life laws enacted since the Dobbs decision.

Several groups filed lawsuits in Alabama over a statute that allows for prosecuting those who facilitate travel to another state for an abortion.

Under Alabama’s Pro-Life law, Attorney General Steve Marshall warned that people who help a woman travel out of state for an abortion could be charged with conspiracy.

“An elective abortion performed in Alabama would be a criminal offense; thus, a conspiracy formed in the State to have that same act performed outside the State is illegal,” Marshall’s office wrote in the court filing.

However, Biden’s radical pro-abortion allies are trying to stop Alabama from enforcing this law.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said that “bedrock constitutional principles dictate that women who reside in states that have banned access to comprehensive reproductive care must remain free to seek that care in states where it is legal,” before adding that “this filing demonstrates the Justice Department’s commitment to defending the constitutional right to travel and to protecting reproductive freedom under federal law.”

In a press release, the Justice Department offered its full support for two lawsuits designed to block Alabama from enforcing the law on out of state travel for an abortion.

“The Justice Department filed a statement of interest today in two consolidated lawsuits seeking to protect the right to interstate travel, including the right to travel to another state to obtain an abortion that is legal in the destination state,” a press release from the Justice Department read. “The statement of interest explains that the Constitution protects the right to travel across state lines and engage in conduct that is lawful where it is performed and that states cannot prevent third parties from assisting others in exercising that right,” the release continued. “The statement argues that the Alabama Attorney General’s threatened prosecutions of individuals for providing assistance to people seeking lawful out-of-state abortions are therefore unconstitutional.”

The Legal Voice activist group filed one of the lawsuits on behalf of Nampa attorney Lourdes Matsumoto, the Northwest Abortion Access Fund, and the Indigenous Idaho Alliance.

“Although many minors faced with an unintended pregnancy choose to involve their parents, many do not,” The Legal Voice lawsuit reads. “There are minors who cannot or do not have access to their parents,” the lawsuit continues. “There are minors who are afraid to anger or disappoint their parents, as well as those who face the threat of violence in their homes.”

The Yellowhammer Fund filed the second lawsuit.

Both lawsuits claim that the Alabama laws are “draconian” and are asking the judge to rule that the Alabama Attorney General is not allowed to prosecute anyone who helps a woman travel out of state for an abortion.

Of course, the reality is that laws like the one in Alabama helps stop “abortion trafficking.”

Human trafficking is a serious problem in the United States and globally, with the the Department of State estimating roughly 27.6 million people are trafficked across the world.

Abortion trafficking is human trafficking, and often results in minors being taken across state lines for an abortion without their parents knowing about it.

In Idaho, a state with similar laws as Alabama, a 15-year old was taken to Oregon for an unwanted abortion by her 18-year old boyfriend and his mother.

The two were arrested for kidnapping, but a U.S. Judge blocked Idaho from enforcing its law making it a crime to help a minor cross state lines for an abortion.

And now Joe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice is trying to gut Alabama’s Pro-Life law making it a crime to help a woman travel out of state for an abortion.

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