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The Biden administration is seemingly doing everything in its power to harm the Pro-Life movement.

They’ve arrested Pro-Lifers for praying on public sidewalks, while allowing pro-abortion arsonists and vandals to roam free.

And now Joe Biden’s DOJ picked an anti-pregnancy center official to take on this major issue.

The weaponization and politicization of the DOJ is almost complete.

Starting during the Obama reign, Joe Biden has almost finished the transformation.

And the double standard of justice has turned the DOJ into nothing more than the Democrats’ federal police force.

Pregnancy centers under attack

As if to prove this point, a top Department of Justice (DOJ) official who has criticized pregnancy resource centers has been put in charge of the prosecution of two pro-abortion terrorists indicted for attacking Pro-Life centers.

Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General heading the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, has attacked Pro-Life pregnancy centers as “fake clinics.”

And now she is charged with defending them.

The DOJ recently indicted Caleb Freestone and Amber Smith-Stewart for various FACE Act violations after they allegedly spray-painted threats on pregnancy resource centers such as “If abortions aren’t safe than niether [sic] are you” and “WE’RE COMING for U,” according to the DOJ.

This is the first action the DOJ has taken to prosecute anyone involved with the rash of attacks and arsons on Pro-Life centers and churches over the past year.

And Kristen Clarke, the pick to try the first two cases condemned the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision to strike down a California law requiring pregnancy resource centers to offer information about state-funded abortions.

In attacking the Court’s decision Clarke wrote, “Make no mistake, today’s decision at the #SCOTUS striking down a CA disclosure requirement for crisis pregnancy centers is part of a coordinated strategy to tear down #RoevWade. The anti-choice movement will stop at nothing. #EndTheLies #ExposeFakeClincs.”

Oh look, its “racism” again

But Clarke took it even further going after that old leftist bogeyman racism.

“Today’s #SCOTUS ruling striking down CA law that required crisis pregnancy centers to provide factual information about state-offered services, including abortions, will have harmful consequences for women, especially women of color who are often targeted by predatory CPCs,” she wrote.

Her charges of racism are of course nothing new for radical leftists.

What is amazing to see, even in the make believe world inside the beltway is that abortion supporters claim Pro-Lifers are racists and that pregnancy centers offering medical services and material resources rather than abortions are actually deceptive and predatory.

Whatever It Takes, a left-wing activist group with whom Freestone was involved, used the same #ExposeFakeClinics hashtag as Clarke in a 2022 Facebook post.

The charges of racism are especially ridiculous since it was actual racists like Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) who created the abortion mills that have killed millions of black children.

Sanger and her pro-abortion contemporaries were so overtly in favor of abortion precisely because it targeted blacks.

On it’s FACE its corrupt

The DOJ picking a clearly biased pro-abortion and anti-pregnancy center lawyer to prosecute these criminals is just the latest in a long string of actions by the DOJ that make them appear corrupt.

While almost all of the damage and attacks last year were against Pro-Lifers, the DOJ has been too busy rounding up Pro-Life activists and charging them under the FACE Act instead of finding the pro-abortion terrorists.

At least they are prosecuting these two violent pro-abortion thugs.

That is a start.

But the DOJ must do much more to prove they are anything but a corrupt federal police force for the radical Left.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.