Joe Biden’s FDA refuses to sound the alarm about the dangerous effects of this deadly drug

The Biden administration is continuing its efforts to expand abortion-on-demand, no matter the cost.

And they are even willing to put women in jeopardy of serious harm in their zeal to promote abortion.

That’s why Joe Biden’s FDA refuses to sound the alarm about the dangerous effects of this deadly drug.

Chemical abortions now account for over 60% of all abortions nationwide.

Abortion may be a controversial topic but drug safety is not

Keeping Americans safe from drugs used to be a nonpartisan issue.

No matter what one’s political leanings, everybody wants safe, effective drugs.

And they also want transparency and a full disclosure of the known safety risks of FDA-approved drugs.

That’s why the Food and Drug Administration is supposed to remain above politics, including the politics of abortion.

It is supposed to only base its decisions strictly on its stated mission of “objectively making data-driven regulatory decisions based on safety and efficacy.”

Congress granted broad authority to the FDA to determine what drugs are safe and effective, but its discretion is not supposed to be limitless. 

But when it comes to the deadly abortion-inducing drug mifepristone, the FDA has abandoned all appropriate drug-safety practices by not requiring that manufacturers collect and publish all evidence of how the drug harms women. 

For the first time, the FDA, at the chemical abortion drug manufacturers’ request, permitted unsound wording stating that the drug’s providers are only required to collect reports of deaths, but not any other adverse side effects of mifepristone use.

This is a total abandonment of previous FDA requirements for drug reporting.

Drug manufacturers are almost always required to collect all reported adverse events. 

But the new wording in the FDA-approved Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy only specifies that chemical abortion drug distributors “[e]nsure that any deaths of patients who received Mifeprex are reported to [manufacturers] …”  

The most likely explanation is that the FDA and drug manufacturers are afraid of what they will find.

Of course, that’s exactly why women and abortion providers should be made aware of all potential associated risks of the drug.

The FDA’s only interest is increasing abortion 

The FDA’s death-only safety-collection language is unlike any of their other Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy requirements.

The standard requirement is that, “… [medical providers] must: At all times report …” in reference to any adverse event that occurs.

But with mifepristone, the FDA has no interest in protecting and informing women who take the drug.

Because death is not the only adverse event of importance when it comes to evaluating the safety of drugs.

Using this FDA Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy adverse-event collection language means that adverse events that occur are likely to never be reported.

That means profit-driven drug manufacturers can advertise the drugs as having had a spotless “safety” record.

Unless something is changed, we will soon be seeing television, internet, and other media advertisements deceptively and falsely claiming the safety of at-home abortions. 

It’s time to stop the madness and protect women

The at-home, unsupervised use of mifepristone carries with it significant risks.

Severe, life-threatening, disabling, and death have been reported. 

That’s why, in the name of women’s health, the FDA should immediately demand the collection of all adverse events when mifepristone is used for abortion.

Or better yet, the FDA should ban the deadly drug. 

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