Joe Biden’s promise to America will happen with or without him if Democrats get their way

Joe Biden’s failing presidential campaign is apparent to all – even his own base.

But the Left has a plan to cement their agenda regardless of what happens to Biden. 

And the truth is, Joe Biden’s promise to America will happen with or without him if Democrats get their way. 

Biden is just a placeholder

To those seeking to destroy America from within – Biden is just a placeholder to move their agenda forward.

The anti-life Left wants abortion expanded – forever.

And regardless of if Biden finally bows out or doesn’t – it’s irrelevant to the abortion lobby.

Those working behind the scenes to kill the unborn have a series of contingency plans . . .

. . . and they are just waiting to pull the trigger.

For now, Biden is the mouthpiece of the abortion lobby promising to “restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land again.” 

And as Biden continues to use scare tactics claiming women’s rights will be “destroyed” if Trump wins . . .

. . . he is just a placeholder for the Left.

Candidates worse than Joe Biden

If anything, Joe Biden staying in the race actually helps President Trump’s campaign.

Democrats who previously voted for Biden are hesitant to vote for him again due to his sketchy health and apparent mental confusion.

And as bad as Biden’s policies are – there are candidates who are much worse.

Some hope California Governor Gavin Newsom will take Biden’s spot.

What a disaster!

Newsom is politically ambitious, and as radical as they come.

He’s turned California into a hellhole with radical pro-LGBT policies trumping the basic rights of everyone else.

Not to mention, Newsom believes abortion should be legal at any moment of a woman’s pregnancy for any reason.

Truly, Gavin Newsom stands for every single thing Pro-Life conservatives stand against.

If Newsom were ever to become President, his anti-family views would be the final nail in the coffin for America.

A Newsom regime would officially destroy America from the inside out.

But Newsom isn’t the only candidate Democrats are grooming. 

Of course, there is their darling anti-life Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Nominating Whitmer would be a smart play for the Left as she’d likely pick up some of the blue-collar votes of the Midwest. 

Whitmer is proud of her efforts to help codify abortion into Michigan’s Constitution.

A rabid pro-abortion advocate, Whitmer uses every opportunity she can to promote abortion.

“Abortion is health care. We’ll keep fighting like hell to defend it,” Whitmer wrote on X last April.

And after the most recent Presidential debate, Whitmer claimed voters all across America were going to teach Trump a “valuable lesson” in November not to “mess with our fundamental freedoms” (meaning the right to kill).

The abortion lobby is out for blood

One thing is certain – if Donald Trump does not win – the abortion lobby will get their way.

Whether it’s through Joe Biden, Newsom, Whitmer, or whoever else they put up . . .

. . . the Left is determined to expand abortion.

This November, the lives of unborn babies are at stake.

Unborn babies can’t yet fight for themselves, and if Donald Trump does not make it back to the White House – they’ll never get the chance. 

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