Joe Biden’s proposed 2025 budget would hand bags of cash to this murderous group of radicals

The radical Left has no problem spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money for their pet projects.

And it doesn’t matter how evil or disgusting those projects are.

That’s why Joe Biden’s proposed 2025 budget would hand bags of cash to this murderous group of radicals.

President Joe Biden recently released his massive proposed 2025 budget.

A reflection of Democrat values 

“As the president is fond of saying, a budget is a reflection of our values,” said Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) at U.S. Senate hearings on the multi-trillion-dollar Biden budget.

And on that we can agree, Biden’s budget is a laundry list of radical Democrat priorities that would increase taxpayer funding of everything from abortion mills to LGBTQ activities.

Of course, Biden’s budget would also raise taxes by more than $5 trillion, spend more than $8.6 trillion, put in place a wealth tax, implement a global minimum tax, and add $16.3 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years.

And to no one’s surprise, the budget proposed by Biden would continue his efforts to force abortion-on-demand on the American people.

In releasing the 2025 proposed budget, the “Biden-Harris [a]dministration has taken action to protect and expand access to reproductive health care, including abortion and contraception in every way possible,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra.

‘In every way possible’ may actually be an understatement.

The budget is the largest expansion of taxpayer funded abortion in history and shows the Biden administration’s clear refusal to accept that Americans do not favor the wholesale slaughter of babies, and certainly don’t want to pay for it.

The budget is also chock full of lies and misinformation about abortion.

Abortion expansion paid for by the American people

It also serves as the formal announcement of the administration’s intention to expand abortion in all 50 states. 

“Twenty-seven million women of reproductive age — more than one in three — live in one of the 21 [s]tates with an abortion ban currently in effect. In the last year, women have been denied medical care needed to preserve their health and save their lives,” the budget claims. 

The facts however prove the lie in the Biden budget.

In fact, no state bans abortion if the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother. 

After touting Biden’s actions on behalf of the abortion industry, the budget goes on to state, “The [a]dministration continues to call on the Congress to pass legislation restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade in [f]ederal law.” The Biden administration endorses the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, which goes well beyond Roe.

The budget proposes giving $390 million to the “family planning” services of Title X, a 36% hike. 

And training sessions funded by the Biden administration encourage Title X providers to talk about sex with minors behind parents’ backs, hide minor children’s sexual activity from parents both during live conversations and in medical records, and even to have vans roam neighborhoods giving minors federally funded contraceptives.

The budget also “provides $594 million, an increase of $37 million above the 2023 level, for USAID directed high-impact and lifesaving voluntary family planning and reproductive health programs and America’s voluntary contribution to the United Nations Population Fund,” the budget states. 

UNFPA has been complicit for decades in forced abortions under Communist China’s one-child policy and remains tied to controversial population control efforts around the world.

The pro-abortion lobby said the proposed budget proved the Democrat administration is fully committed to enacting their anti-life values. 

“The Biden-Harris administration is fighting by our side,” said Mini Timmaraju, CEO of Reproductive Freedom for All (formerly NARAL). “[T]his budget is proof. We look forward to partnering with our allies in the White House and Congress to pass a budget where our values are reflected.” 

Planned Parenthood also applauded the budget as “an encouraging sign of their continued support for sexual and reproductive health care.”

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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