Joe Biden’s spending millions of taxpayer dollars to help slaughter unborn babies

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Joe Biden is at it again.

Determined to push more abortions on the country, he is using his power to do the unthinkable. 

Now – he’s gearing up to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to help slaughter unborn babies and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

A $1.5 million abortion hotline

The Biden administration can’t stand the fact dozens of Pro-Life states have banned or restricted abortion.

And if Biden gets his way – abortion will be easily accessible for all women – ensuring vulnerable women will have multiple opportunities to kill their unborn babies.

To help get the job done, he’s armed his administration with the power to execute abortion policies while excluding Pro-Lifers from having a seat at the table.

In the latest assault on life, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services decided to offer a $1.5 million grant to fund a pro-abortion hotline.

The Office of Population Affairs (OPA) states the hotline is for Title X family planning recipients and will provide “neutral and factual information” for pregnant moms.

OPA claims the hotline will do everything from counsel pregnant moms on items like “prenatal care and delivery” to “infant care.”

Sounds great.

Except OPA also reveals they are more than happy to offer counseling on “pregnancy termination” . . .

. . . as if advising moms on what prenatal vitamins they need is on the same playing field as helping them slaughter their unborn baby.

Banning Pro-Life organizations

Of course, the grant bans Pro-Life organizations from being able to participate.

Many pregnant moms with seemingly nowhere else to turn will likely call this hotline for help.

But they won’t learn about life-saving ultrasounds provided at crisis pregnancy centers or hear a Pro-Life voice encouraging them they aren’t alone and there are resources available to help them.

While crisis-pregnancy centers save lives and actually help pregnant moms – Team Biden and his pro-abort friends continue to bash them – and even threaten to shut them down. 

Yet somehow, they claim their new abortion hotline still helps provide “neutral, factual information”.

Biden pledges death

While the new abortion hotline is infuriating – it’s not surprising.

During his State of the Union address, Biden arrogantly reminded Americans he and his pro-abort sidekick Kamala Harris were doing everything they could to “to protect access to reproductive health care and safeguard patient privacy.”

Biden went on to add “But already, more than a dozen states are enforcing extreme abortion bans. Make no mistake; if Congress passes a national abortion ban, I will veto it.”

In reality, the only thing extreme is helping fund initiatives that will guarantee more babies will die.

Women deserve to know they don’t have to kill their babies and countless organizations are available to help walk alongside them during their pregnancy and connect them with resources to support their baby – before and after birth.

But instead, Biden wants to use your taxpayer dollars to push his radical abortion agenda to eliminate babies from ever being born.  

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