Jury selection begins in what may be the “biggest criminal case” in the Pro-Life movement’s history


Biden’s FBI carried out an armed raid at dawn.

They arrested a Pro-Life activist and charged him with federal crimes because of his faith.

And now jury selection begins in what may be the “biggest criminal case” in the Pro-Life movement’s history.

In an early morning, military-style raid by federal agents at his home, Mark Houck was taken into custody in front of his family.

Targeted for his Pro-Life advocacy

The raid occurred nearly a year after Houck and Planned Parenthood radical activist Brice Love got into a physical altercation outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic.

Houck’s attorney, Peter Breen, says it is very apparent his client was targeted simply for his Pro-Life advocacy.

And this is not a stretch at all.

While the violent terrorist pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge continues to attack, vandalize, and burn down Pro-Life centers and churches, the Biden DOJ focuses its efforts on targeting Pro-Life activists.

They even targeted and arrested an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor for praying on a public sidewalk.

Now, jury selection has begun in Mark Houck’s case and his attorneys say the trial could have major implications for how Pro-Life activists are allowed to try and operate.

Planned Parenthood activist refused to show up for court

Houck’s case has drawn national attention, given the circumstances of his arrest last September.

The raid at dawn was reminiscent of other military-style raids the FBI has undertaken.

And it was conducted after the case had been thrown out of court.

“Mr. Love [the Planned Parenthood activist] had brought a private criminal complaint in the municipal court, and that case was thrown out because Mr. Love didn’t show up for court twice,” Breen said.

“That is where the matter should have ended, except the Biden administration wanted to make an example out of Mark Houck,” Breen continued.

Part of the Justice Department indictment alleges Houck attempted to “injure, intimidate, and interfere” with the Planned Parenthood activist because the Planned Parenthood facility was providing reproductive services.

So, the Biden DOJ calls it a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

If convicted, Houck could receive a maximum of 11 years in prison and a $350,000 fine.

Houck, who is a devout Catholic and sidewalk counselor, maintains he was protecting his son from continued verbal assaults from Love.

He is going to take the stand

Breen explained, “Look, if this is allowed to stand, it’s an invitation for abortion escorts to be very aggressive, because who’s the Biden administration going to believe: the abortion escort or the sidewalk counselor?”

And given the pro-abortion movement’s proclivity for violence, this is a major concern.

Houck’s defense rightfully argues that the FACE Act was never intended to cover volunteer abortion escorts, only clinic patients and personnel.

“We’ve told the court that Mark is going to testify; the defendant, he is going to take the stand, we intend to put him on the stand, and his son is intending to testify to talk about what he saw that day,” Breen said.

“So it’s a big case when I say, it’s the biggest criminal case in the Pro-Life movement in my memory,” Breen pointed out.

Houck’s attorneys and the entire Pro-Life movement hope to have a fairly quick resolution to the trial.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.