Justice Clarence Thomas in the crosshairs of this new pro-abortion effort

Photo by Steve Petteway, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s no secret the radical Left is out to get Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

They have made multiple attempts to remove him from the court for every reason under the sun.

Now Justice Clarence Thomas is in the crosshairs of this new pro-abortion effort.

A petition seeking to impeach Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is gaining traction among pro-abortion activists and other radical leftists.

Anything to promote the killing of babies

The petition is being organized by the radical left-wing advocacy group MoveOn and shockingly is approaching 1.35 million signatures. 

The petition calls for Thomas to resign his seat on the high court or face impeachment.

Supreme Court Justices can, under the U.S. Constitution, be impeached but it requires a vote by the House of Representatives, something which is currently highly unlikely. 

The leftist petition accuses Thomas of “pushing a right-wing agenda” while accepting “hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts from a right-wing megadonors.” 

It also questions his ethics.

But most observers agree it is simply an attempt to undermine the Constitution and the High Court by attempting to remove a Justice many consider largely responsible for the Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

These same radical pro-abortion activists are using other family issues to attack him as well.

Thomas not afraid to speak his mind 

In fact, they point to a June 24, 2022 op-ed Thomas penned saying that the Supreme Court “should reconsider” its previous rulings that granted rights to contraception and same-sex marriage under the constitution. 

Thomas’ op-ed was released on the very day the Court overturned the devastating Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion and forced every state to allow the mass murder of the pre-born.

After Roe was overturned individual states again became able to decide their own laws around abortion.

And the decision has resulted in at least 20 states placing some restrictions on the murderous procedure.

According to experts the reversal of Roe has already saved more than 32,000 lives in less than a year.

This is something the radical pro-abortion mob simply cant accept.

In fact the petition already had 244,000 signatures just after the court’s action on Roe.

And by June 28 of last year, it had jumped to 336,338. 

By July of last year the petition had 1,219,558 signatures after a major push by pro-abortion activists and Leftist dark money groups.

New charges but the same old tired attacks

The recent spike in signatures has come after leftist groups began accusing Thomas of ethics violations.

The radical leftist group ProPublica put out a report claiming Thomas and his wife had taken “undisclosed trips, and other benefits, paid for by Harlan Crow,” a top Republican donor.

According to ProPublica the vacations allegedly took place over a period of 20 years, and were not disclosed among the financial gifts that Thomas received. 

Of course the report failed to mention that Crow and Thomas have been personal friends for decades, and ignored the fact that Thomas released a statement describing Crow and his wife as “among our dearest friends.” 

Thomas also correctly pointed out that he was “advised that this sort of personal hospitality from close personal friends, who did not have business before the Court, was not reportable.”

The court backed him up on that.

This attempt to smear and remove Justice Thomas has nothing to do with so-called “ethics” violations but is just the same old political attacks on a man who threatens the leftist dogma of death.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.