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Pro-Lifers have been subject to continuous attacks lately. 

And so far their pleas for help and protection have been ignored by the government. 

But justice may finally prevail for one vandalized Pro-Life pregnancy center.

Idol worshiping of Abortion 

The overturning of Roe v. Wade was devastating for Democrats. 

For decades now Democrats have been worshiping abortion as if it was a religious idol. 

And their scripture for their cult worship of abortion was Roe v. Wade

If anyone dared question their thirst for abortions, Democrats would verbally or physically lash out. 

So when Roe and abortion-on-demand was overturned by the Supreme Court as law of the land, Democrats completely lost it. 

And the attacks against Pro-Lifers increased to a level never seen before in modern American politics. 

Pregnancy centers were vandalized and even firebombed for months after the overturning of Roe. 

You would have thought the Justice Department and the FBI would have taken these acts of terrorism seriously. 

But instead of trying to protect Pro-Lifers, federal government agencies were targeting Pro-Lifers, throwing them in jail for praying, and labeling Pro-Lifers and traditional Christians as domestic terrorists. 

And this only emboldened the attacks against those within the Pro-Life movement, which resulted in even more attacks. 

But it looks like finally, after a year of torment and torture, the Pro-Life movement may get justice in one heinous attack. 

Actual Justice for the Pro-Life Movement?

In Ohio this past April, a Pro-Life pregnancy center was a target of vandalism. 

The HerChoice Center provides counseling and services to women while discouraging them from getting an abortion. 

Slogans like “fund abortion,” “liars,” “fake clinic,” and “abort God” were spray painted on the pregnancy center. 

Now someone was finally charged for that crime and to no one’s surprise the suspected vandal is a Democrat college student at nearby Bowling Green State.

The 20-year-old college student has been charged with a federal misdemeanor charge under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances for causing intentional damage to the pregnancy center.

She has pleaded not guilty with her trial pending. 

But her terror against Pro-Lifers seems to go well beyond the vandalization of the pregnancy center. 

According to Students for Life the culprit had also terrorized a local students for life group. 

The Students for Life posted a statement on the young woman stating, “Through in-person intimidation — by screaming obscenities and getting in the Falcons for Life faces — as well as online cyberbullying and defamation, (Durant) and the radical group she leads on campus have made it hard to be Pro-Life. They’re not giving up yet, though. The Falcons for Life are currently getting help from SFLA’s legal counsel over this matter and have sent a demand letter to the school administration.”

It’s good to see that the Justice Department is actually doing something about the vandalization of one Pro-Life pregnancy center. 

But let’s be honest, they can’t just completely target the Pro-Life movement without going after a couple deranged Democrats every once in a while. 

They at least try to show a sliver of impartiality from time to time to take the heat off.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.