Justice Samuel Alito just spoke out on the Dobbs leaker who likely wanted a Supreme Court Justice killed

St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The leak of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade resulted in real danger for conservative Justices.

And though they haven’t caught the criminal who leaked it, many think they know the motive.

And Justice Samuel Alito just spoke out on the Dobbs leaker who likely wanted a Supreme Court Justice killed.

One year after the leak of the Dobbs decision, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said the Pro-Life ruling made the conservative majority on the court “targets of assassination.” 

The ultimate purpose was death

And at least one leading expert on the issue agrees and says the “ultimate purpose” of the unauthorized disclosure of Dobbs was in fact the death of a Justice.

It all started last May 2, 2022 when German-owned Politico posted a draft of the yet to be released landmark Supreme Court ruling.

The ruling returned abortion to the Constitutional standard that had prevailed for the 184 years of U.S. history before the controversial and deadly Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. 

After the decision leaked, a wave of pro-abortion violence swept across the country. 

While the Biden DOJ warned of “right-wing” violence, the only violence was committed by pro-abortion terrorists and thugs.

Traditional churches, Pro-Life women’s centers, Pro-Life activists, and even the homes of five Supreme Court Justices thought to have crafted the Dobbs decision all came under attack. 

Now, one year later, Justice Alito said the still-unsolved release was designed to normalize the intimidation of a constitutionalist judiciary.

“Targets of assassination”

“Those of us who were thought to be in the majority, thought to have approved my draft opinion, were really targets of assassination,” Justice Alito told The Wall Street Journal. 

“It was rational for people to believe that they might be able to stop the decision in Dobbs by killing one of us.”

Judge Alito added while the official investigation concluded it could not identify the person who leaked the report, “I personally have a pretty good idea who is responsible.” 

But, he added, “that’s different from the level of proof that is needed to name somebody.” 

While most legal observers believe a leftist clerk, or even a Justice, leaked the opinion in an attempt to alter the course of judicial history, the Left has bizarrely claimed Alito released the draft decision to the media himself.

These preposterous charges Alito calls “infuriating” and “implausible.”

Alito, who was the author of Dobbs, asked The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto, “This made us targets of assassination. Would I do that to myself? Would the five of us have done that to ourselves?” 

“It was a part of an effort to prevent the Dobbs draft . . . from becoming the decision of the court,” one component of a six-week-long “campaign to try to intimidate the court.”

That violent campaign by the Left reached real dangerous grounds last June 8, when a mentally disturbed transgender person who camouflaged himself appeared among raucous crowds of protesters outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home with the intention of assassinating the embattled Justice. 

Police reported the man, who was armed with a gun, a tactical knife, pepper spray, and zip ties — confessed “he was upset about the leak of a recent Supreme Court draft decision regarding the right to an abortion” and believed killing Kavanaugh would “give his life meaning.”

From there the violence really heated up as churches, Pro-Life centers and Pro-Life groups remain under attack to this day.

As of yet the FBI has only made one arrest.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.