Kamala Harris committed one massive gaffe that will cost Joe Biden everything 

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats should know by now that Kamala Harris is a walking dumpster fire of a politician.

But with the 2024 election creeping up, the party realizes they are stuck with Harris and are looking to try and make the best of a bad situation.

And Kamala Harris committed one massive gaffe that will cost Joe Biden everything.

In the 2022 Midterm election, Democrats defeated Republican candidates who took the establishment’s advice and pretended the issue of abortion did not exist.

That allowed Democrats to skate by on the fact that they support unregulated taxpayer-funded abortion up until the moment of birth.

This position is massively unpopular.

A June 2023 Gallup poll found just 22 percent of Americans support abortion in the third trimester.

And now Kamala Harris announced the Democratic Party’s position on abortion is even more extreme than that.

In an interview with Milwaukee’s TMJ4, Chief Political Reporter Charles Benson Harris refused to support any limits on abortion even after a baby is born.

“Wisconsin has an 1849 abortion ban law in place after the Supreme Court decision was reached on Roe v. Wade. Prior to that, it was a 20-week ban on abortion. So, my question for you is, what is your position on protecting reproductive rights while those and others are saying they want some protection as well for fetus viability?” Benson asked.

Harris responded by falsely claiming abortion is within the traditional bounds of Christian faith.

“Let’s start with this: And I think it’s very important for us to all agree that one does not have to abandon their faith or deeply-held beliefs to agree the government should not be telling women what to do with their body. She should be able to make that decision, if she chooses, with her pastor, her priest, her rabbi, whomever,” Harris stated.

Harris then also falsely claimed the government had no right to protect human life.

“But the government should not be telling women what to do with their bodies. And so, when we look at this issue and we know that the highest court in our land just took a constitutional right that had been recognized from the women of America, from the people of America, I think we all have to step up and say that we need to have leaders lead by having some level of compassion and understanding that they should trust women to make decisions that are in their best interest and that they, women, are in the best position to know what is in their own best interest. It’s that simple,” Harris added.

Benson wanted clarity.

“No laws?” Benson asked.

Harris confirmed that there was not one single limit on abortion – even to stop doctors from aborting babies who survive an abortion and are born alive.

“It’s not about saying that — it is about saying that we need to, first of all, codify and put back into place the protections of Roe v. Wade. That is what we are fighting for. And when Congress does that, the president will sign it,” Harris concluded.

In the 2016 Presidential debates, Donald Trump was able to keep the focus of the debate on the fact that Hillary Clinton supported abortion up until the moment of birth.

Republicans like Nancy Mace who try to avoid the debate are doomed and it’s only by going on offense and highlighting the Democrats’ extremism on the issue can the GOP candidate hope to prevail.

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