Kamala Harris could soon have the fate of unborn babies under her control

President Joe Biden’s radical pro-abortion agenda is downright scary. 

. . . but Kamala Harris’ radical plan is even more horrifying. 

And now Kamala Harris could soon have the fate of unborn babies under her control.

Is Joe Biden fit to serve?

As Joe Biden’s mental fitness continues to come into question – many are convinced he is simply not fit to serve and would never make it another four years.

Biden insists he is mentally fit – and his surrogates back him up – but the American people aren’t buying it. 

In fact, a January poll by NBC News revealed 76 percent of voters are concerned about Biden’s physical and mental health.

And when a shocking report from Special Counsel Robert Hur revealed Biden knowingly took classified documents when he left the vice presidency in 2017, Hur admitted it would be difficult to convict Biden describing him as a “well-meaning, elderly man, with a poor memory.”


Biden again went on the defense claiming his memory was fine – but some speculate Democrats are scrambling to find a replacement. 

Some insiders believe the Left will usher in another candidate at the last minute – while others think Harris is simply waiting in the wings ready to pounce when picked to serve as President.

But a President Harris is an even scarier scenario than a President Biden. 

Harris is beyond extreme

While Joe Biden wants to expand abortion – Kamala Harris is utterly obsessed with getting the job done.

After all, it was Harris who voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. 

Harris is so radical – she doesn’t even think babies who survived botched abortions deserve medical care. 

As Vice President, Harris has spent her time jet-setting around the country on her “abortion tour” hoping to convince young girls and scared pregnant moms that abortion is their “right”.

Harris wants to expand abortion anywhere and everywhere – with no restrictions.

And during a Wall Street Journal with Harris – the Vice President publicly declared she was “ready” to serve as America’s next President.

Giving an abortion-hungry woman like Kamala Harris more power is a horrifying thought.

Harris has something to prove – and she’s cutthroat – which is a deadly combination.

Donald Trump must win

Regardless of who the Left puts into office – Donald Trump must defeat them.

If Democrats remain in power – unborn babies will be in danger like never before.

The abortion lobby is depending on using the Left to expand abortion – and the only way to stop them is to strip away their power.

Conservatives and Pro-Lifers must not sit out this election cycle and need to work around the clock to make sure Donald Trump is elected this November. 

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