Kamala Harris just said Pro-Life laws are putting patients and doctors at risk and you won’t believe why

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are saying anything they can think of to try and stop Pro-Life laws.

They don’t care if what they say is true or not.

And Kamala Harris just said Pro-Life laws are putting patients and doctors at risk and you won’t believe why.

It is only a matter of days until the June 24 anniversary of the Court’s Dobbs decision, which finally overturned the deadly Roe v. Wade decision that has legalized the murder of more than 60 million babies.

Life wins and Democrats can’t stand it

The court victory was not the end of the effort to save children from the horrors of abortion, however.

The court’s decision merely sent the issue back to the individual states where it had originally been.

And immediately some 25 states either passed Pro-Life legislation or had trigger laws in place that reinstated Pro-Life laws.

These victories have already saved tens of thousands of lives.

But to Democrats, saving lives and stopping the killing are not good things.

They are working hand in fist with pro-abortion radicals to stop Pro-Life victories and overturn state laws that protect both babies and mothers from the horrors of the abortion mill lobby.

In fact, they have made codifying Roe into federal law one of their top priorities.

And Joe Biden’s administration is doing everything in its power to restore abortion-on-demand into law.

From court cases to military bases

And Democrats and the pro-abortion mill lobby are doing everything in their power to force states to accept abortion-on-demand.

They have filed numerous court cases against state Pro-Life laws, demanding that courts throw out the laws.

And the Biden DOJ is looking at ways they can force states to accept abortion-on-demand through unconstitutional legal maneuvers and federal government mandates.

Biden and his cabal have also put plans in place to allow abortion-on-demand at military bases, which is against U.S. law.

But to the pro-abortion lobby hell-bent on continuing the mass murder of millions of children, laws simply do not matter.

Neither do facts, science, or the truth.

Kamala Harris makes a bizarre claim

Recently Vice President Kamala Harris invited Dr. Colleen McNicholas, chief medical officer for reproductive health services of Planned Parenthood St. Louis Region, to her office in the West Wing of the White House. 

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the current state of abortion-on-demand around the nation. 

Harris and McNicholas talked about the pressures now being put on providers in states with Pro-Life laws like Missouri, where performing an abortion now comes with the risk of a felony charge and years in prison – exactly the kind of legislation that is needed to save lives and stop the horrors of abortion.

But to Harris, these laws are “causing a lot of folks to really reconsider that we have to be vigilant and really understand all of the ramifications of this, and to have a federal law that protects reproductive care in all 50 states.”

Harris went on to explain how Pro-Life laws somehow allegedly put women at risk. 

The facts, however, prove quite the opposite. 

Abortion is what puts women at risk, not laws protecting them. 

And of course abortion is the murder of children, as any biologist will admit.

But Joe Biden and Harris have now called on Congress to codify abortion rights into federal law.

It seems the party of science doesn’t include basic biology as a science.

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