Kamala Harris’ latest outrageous message to voters is downright scary

Kamala Harris is out for blood.

And during a recent campaign event, she proved she’ll do whatever it takes to win.  

But Harris’ latest outrageous message to voters is downright scary and worse than anyone could have ever imagined. 

Kamala is obsessed with Donald Trump

Kamala Harris is utterly obsessed with Donald Trump.

She hates Trump so much she’ll say and do anything to fire up her base to take him down.

Even though Trump has gone soft on the Pro-Life issue and is now campaigning as a moderate, Harris paints him out as an “extremist” who seeks to harm women.

Speaking at a campaign event in Arizona, Harris claimed Donald Trump is part of a “larger strategy” to obliterate women’s rights.

Of course, Donald Trump isn’t trying to prevent women from having “rights” . . . 

. . . and neither is the Pro-Life movement.

Pro-Lifers simply want babies to have the right to life – something leftist pro-aborts can’t wrap their minds around. 

And with the Arizona Supreme Court siding with Pro-Lifers, Harris is still losing her mind – and blaming Donald Trump. 

The fundamental right to kill

Instead of fighting to protect the fundamental right to life – Harris thinks unborn babies deserve to die if a pregnant mom decides this is “best” for her.

Speaking of the temporary Pro-Life victory, Harris said “Just this week, here in Arizona, they have turned back the clock to 1800s to take away a woman’s most fundamental right — the right to make decisions about her own body.”

Fundamental right?

Since when does America give people the “fundamental right” to take the life of another human being because they feel like it?

Of course, now Arizona lawmakers are voting to repeal the abortion ban – and they just might succeed.

But Harris’ scary comments point to the bigger issue – she does not believe unborn babies have any rights.

And by dehumanizing babies, Harris can justify killing them. 

In Kamala’s world – unborn babies can be slaughtered – anytime – anywhere – for any reason.

Her radical pro-abortion stance is dangerous, as she continues to campaign with scare tactics claiming “extremists” are harming a “woman’s body.”

The battle for life

As Kamala Harris and Joe Biden continue on their pro-abortion tour to rally up their base – unborn babies continue to die.

Now is not the time for Pro-Lifers to sit home and do nothing.

The radical Left is determined to ram through their pro-abortion agenda.

Pro-Lifers must continue to hold Donald Trump’s feet to the fire to ensure he stands strong for life and doesn’t give in and compromise.

A clear message must be sent to all politicians if they waver or compromise on life – they won’t get elected.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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