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Vice President Kamala Harris is known for her outlandish comments and embarrassing gaffes. 

But this time she’s working quietly behind the scenes to unify her pro-abortion allies to help execute her radical agenda. 

And now that Harris has rallied together her radical anti-life inner circle, she’s ready to launch an unthinkable attack. 

Harris rallies up fellow anti-life assassins 

Harris knows everyday Americans won’t support her radical pro-abortion policies . . . so she’s enlisting others to do her bidding.

To ensure more babies are aborted, Harris has asked cold-blooded killers to help promote her radical anti-life agenda.

According to Axios, Harris met with 14 women involved in the abortion movement including enemies of life like Alexis McGill Johnson of Planned Parenthood and leaders from NARAL and EMILY’s List.

EMILY’s List is committed to electing pro-abortion candidates up and down the ballot to guarantee abortion is available everywhere for anyone. 

And Planned Parenthood’s radical anti-life agenda is so extreme they are even marketing abortions to underage teens promising they’ll keep it a secret from their parents.

Harris hoped by bringing the fiercest abortion advocates together in one room they could brainstorm ways to make their radical abortion message mainstream so voters will buy it. 

Pro-Life Trump supporters are first on her hit list

Harris launched her attack by continuing to take cheap shots at Pro-Life Trump supporters.

She’s already trashed Pro-Lifers calling them “extremists” – but now she’s taken things even further.

Recently, Kamala Harris joined other enemies of life and spoke at the We Are EMILY Gala in Washington, D.C., which honored former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Harris took advantage of her audience and tossed out a few red meat lines claiming our “fundamental freedoms are under attack” by “extremists” and “so-called leaders” who are trying to stop abortion.

The only extremist is Kamala Harris

Pro-abortion states like California and New York may choose to follow Harris off a cliff . . .

. . . but everyday Americans don’t support Harris or her radical pro-abortion agenda.

Kamala Harris is an enemy to unborn babies, and doesn’t even want to help those who have survived a botched abortion.

When the House of Representatives passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would require doctors to care for babies who survived botched abortions, Harris condemned the vote and attacked House Republicans. 

Harris tweeted “House Republicans passed an extreme bill today that will further jeopardize the right to reproductive health care in our country.”

She continued “This is yet another attempt by Republican legislators to control women’s bodies.”

Harris might enjoy taking cheap shots at Pro-Lifers and claim it’s “extreme” to care for a baby who survived a botched abortion . . . 

. . . but the American voters will show her this election cycle who the “extreme” one really is.  

Her insults and lies are no match for the committed group of Pro-Lifers who are working around the clock to elect Pro-Life leaders and vote extremists like Harris out of office once and for all. 

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