Kamala Harris stooped to a new low with what she told Drew Barrymore about abortion-on-demand

Kamala Harris is obsessed with making abortion-on-demand the law of the land in America.

She wants abortion to be available nationwide for anyone and for any reason with absolutely zero restrictions.

But Kamala Harris stooped to a new low with what she told Drew Barrymore about abortion-on-demand.

Kamala Harris is always looking for any excuse she can find to push her radical pro-abortion narrative.

She previously showed how low she is willing to go by linking the tragic death of a child to abortion-on-demand.

And now Harris is using the Civil Rights Movement to push her extreme position on abortion.

Harris recently appeared for an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show as part of her effort to rally left-wing voters on the abortion issue.

Barrymore informed Harris that she only started voting after she walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge where the events of Bloody Sunday took place in Selma, Alabama, during the civil rights movement.

On March 3, Harris spoke at the 59th commemoration of the Bloody Sunday Selma Bridge crossing.

Harris attempted to link Bloody Sunday to the pro-abortion movement.

“All of these young people, young leaders decided to march through Selma and across that Edmund Pettus Bridge in fighting for voting rights,” Harris said.  “And when the world saw the images of what happened that day, hundreds and hundreds of people went back, hand in hand, arm in arm of every race, every generation to fight for freedom,” she continued. “And that is what is at stake – this is not only about the women of America, it’s about everyone.”

“It’s about the promise of America, it’s about — you can’t take freedoms,” Harris ranted.  “If we don’t fight for it, we’ll never get there.”

Barrymore showed her feminists views by claiming that “this is the first time I feel like the cards are stacked and the deck is stacked against me, because of reproductive rights and many other things.”

“I believe in your protection of women, I believe in the fact that you are putting yourself out there front and center to care about them in a way we have wanted for many generations, a female in power,” Barrymore told Harris. “And when you got in, it was like, we finally have got somewhere.”

But no matter what subject Barrymore brought up, Harris repeatedly brought it back to abortion.

She told Barrymore that the Dobbs decision “took a Constitutional right that had been recognized from the women of America.”

“How dare they?” Harris said in reference to the Court overturning Roe. “Think of the notion that some person sitting in some state legislature believes, mostly, that he is in a better position than you to know what’s in your best interest,” she continued, before adding that “one does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held beliefs to agree that the government should not be telling her what to do with her body.”

Harris apparently believes that women have a fundamental and Constitutional right to kill.

At an event in Arizona, she recently said laws banning abortion “take away a woman’s most fundamental right.”

Like most Democrats, Kamala Harris supports abortion-on-demand for any reason up until birth.

That’s why this fall is critical to protecting innocent life.

And why Pro-Life voters must knock on doors and turn out in droves in state after state to stop Democrats from making abortion-on-demand the law of the land.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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