Kamala Harris teams up with cold-blooded abortionist in a shocking Teen Vogue story

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Vice President Kamala Harris is determined to execute her anti-life agenda . . . 

. . . even if it means teaming up with a cold-blooded abortionist from Planned Parenthood to get it done.

And in a shocking Teen Vogue spotlight, Harris made it clear she was coming after America’s teenagers.

Teen Vogue hopes Harris will persuade teenagers to choose abortion

Teen Vogue’s audience is teenage girls ages 12-17.

Instead of encouraging minors to talk to their parents should they ever get pregnant . . .

. . . Teen Vogue wants to usher them off to Planned Parenthood – and hopes spotlighting Kamala Harris will get the job done.

Teen Vogue starts their article lamenting how thanks to Roe v. Wade, over a third of women including “trans men” and “nonbinary people” are without access to “basic medical care.”

Harris and Planned Parenthood abortionists are working together

Kamala Harris and Planned Parenthood abortionist Colleen McNicholas agree abortion needs to be codified into federal law.

They recently met together to discuss the “post-Roe reality” and strategize on abortion “solutions.”

Harris began the conversation smiling and shaking McNicholas hands saying “thank you for your work” . . . 

. . .  as if slaying unborn babies for a living is an honorable profession.

McNicholas started to talk about the “struggles” abortionists are facing thanks to new Pro-Life laws – claiming abortionists can no longer “help” women because they are too scared to go to jail.

“Physicians are here to help,” McNicholas said. 

“It’s a difficult place to be in, to contemplate, you know . . . do I help this person, this one person in front of me, and risk going to jail, and then not being able to help many other people, or, you know, serve my family,” McNicholas told the Vice President. 

McNicholas’ hesitation to commit abortions shows how Pro-Life bills are actually saving the lives of babies.

Harris attempts to shame Pro-Lifers

“How terrible it feels to sit across from a patient, to know the right thing for them, to have the skill set to do it, but then have to turn around and call the hospital lawyers,” said McNicholas.

Her statement is an eye-opening glimpse into the heart behind Planned Parenthood employees.

Notice she said “know the right thing for them” . . .

. . . which in the eye’s of Planned Parenthood always means abortion. 

But Harris seemed to concur and nodded in agreement and said “it’s a shame that in this year of our Lord 2023 people are trying to take us back.” 

She claimed the overturning of Roe v. Wade and new Pro-Life laws were “causing a lot of folks to really reconsider that we have to be vigilant and understand all the ramifications for this and have a federal law that protects reproductive care in all 50 states.”

Meaning – she wants to codify Roe v. Wade into law and carry out her deadly agenda.

McNicholas lit up at the fact Harris was so determined to push abortion and thanked the Vice President for her work, to which Harris replied “We’re in it together, sister,” as they both laughed in agreement. 

Harris and McNicholas can be “in it together” in their bloody abortion pit of carnage – but that doesn’t mean the rest of Americans are.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to send Harris packing from the White House and ensure a new Pro-Life regime is elected to stop her from carrying out her deadly plan. 

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