Kamala Harris was caught red-handed terrifying pregnant moms with the biggest lie ever 

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Kamala Harris knows the only way to sell her radical pro-abortion agenda is to scare pregnant moms.

So she’s teamed up with the abortion lobby to carry out their anti-life agenda. 

And now she was caught red-handed terrorizing vulnerable pregnant moms with the biggest lie ever. 

Kamala tells women they’ll die if they don’t choose abortion 

The pro-abortion lobby continues to deceive women by making them believe abortion is their only option.

They scare women with bogus stats claiming if their life is in danger due to a pregnancy complication – they’ll die under Pro-Life laws that outlaw abortion.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a mother.

Early delivery perhaps, but never abortion.

Yet pro-aborts like Kamala Harris continue to spread lies that Pro-Life laws kill women.

In a recent interview with ABC News Live Prime anchor Linsey Davis, Harris blasted the new life-saving Iowa Pro-Life law – claiming that abortion “restrictions” have led to “medical emergencies” in America. 

“There’s something underlying this approach that states like Iowa have taken that really suggests that they’re– that they don’t trust women to be able to know what’s in their best interests and make the decision accordingly,” Harris said.

She then went on to claim an emergency room denied medical care to a pregnant woman who then developed sepsis.

Speaking about the pregnant mom, Harris said “She went to the emergency room while she was having a miscarriage, denied care. She went back, denied care. Only when she contracted sepsis did they give her care. So this is what’s happening in real time in our country.”

Harris reiterates Biden’s pro-abortion plan

As Harris ranted on to ABC News how Pro-Life laws harm women, she went on to reiterate her administration’s commitment to push abortion.

“Congress has the ability to put back in place the protections that the Supreme Court took away,” Harris declared.

“And President Joe Biden has been very clear, when that happens, he will sign it,” she boasted.

If Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have their way – abortion will be accessible everywhere and anywhere – at all stages of pregnancy.

Pro-Lifers are the only ones standing between the radical abortion lobby executing their anti-life agenda onto the American people.

Life is on the ballot 

This election cycle, abortion is on the ballot in more ways than one.

The abortion lobby knows the only way to carry out their agenda is to elect radical pro-abortion politicians.

In addition, they’ve focused on mobilizing pro-abortion activists to gather signatures to push ballot initiatives to codify abortion into state’s Constitutions.

Pro-Life states like Ohio have already felt the influx of out-of-state special interest groups flocking to their towns to push the abortion ballot initiative.

Now more than ever, Pro-Lifers must remain resolute and not allow the abortion lobby to carry out their plan – the lives of unborn babies are depending on it. 

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