Kamala Harris was gleefully cackling when she found out the U.S. fertility rate is at an all-time low for one disgusting reason

The Biden Administration continues its full speed ahead fight to destroy the American family.

And Vice President Kamala Harris has been leading the charge.

That’s why Kamala Harris was gleefully cackling when she found out the U.S. fertility rate is at an all-time low for one disgusting reason.

New data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that the United States is aborting away its very future. 

Fertility at record low and Planned Parenthood at record high

In fact, according to the CDC, the nation’s fertility rate is at an all-time record low.

According to the newly-released CDC data, United States’ overall fertility rate dropped to just 1.62 births per woman last year.

This is a 2% decline from the 2022 numbers.

And more concerning, that figure is below replacement rate, which means that currently Americans are not having enough children to replace people who are dying. 

And historically, nations below replacement rates eventually experience massive social and economic problems.

These problems range from an inability to support the elderly to worker shortages, and even to higher rates of prostitution and sex trafficking.

According to National Review, “The total fertility rate recorded by the CDC is the lowest since the U.S. government began tracking it nearly a century ago. It reflects a trend visible across the developed world in which women are less inclined to have children because of greater emphasis on career success and access to reproductive technology in predominantly secular societies.”

“There were 3,591,328 total births in the U.S. last year, the fewest babies born in the U.S. for any year on record since 1979.”

“Since 2007, the total fertility rate in the U.S. has been consistently below replacement level, the CDC noted. Record numbers of illegal immigration enabled by the Biden administration has helped offset the American population decline.”

But Planned Parenthood is thriving

And there is no question a big player in the dangerous birth-rate drop is Planned Parenthood.

In fact, the Planned Parenthood abortion mill business is aggressively killing more babies in the United States than ever before.

Planned Parenthood just published its latest annual report, including its figures from the previous year. 

While Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion medical services have decreased precipitously, the new report shows the abortion mill business killed 392,715 babies in abortions in the last year. 

That’s a marked 5% increase from their 2021-2022 abortion numbers.

Those figures mean that PP is killing more than 1,075 babies through abortion every single day of the year.

That comes out to 44 dead babies every single hour, of every single day. 

Those numbers are a disgusting testimony about a taxpayer-funded entity who laughingly claims its main focus is women’s health care.

And it’s a horrific number of deaths that is almost difficult for most people to even comprehend.

Planned Parenthood is largely responsible for what is now the worst genocide in human history.

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